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Career Path: Matthew Sullivan, Inside Sales Manager at Carbonite

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What does the career path and a day-in-the-life look like for an Inside Sales Manager at Carbonite?

We interviewed Matthew Sullivan to find out!

Career Path

Where did you grow up?  

I grew up in Providence, RI until age 12. My family then moved to Wrentham, MA. I went from the city to the suburbs which were a great change. I never had a yard or cul-de-sac to play in when I was young, so I was very happy to get some space to finally run around in.

What’s the most memorable or funniest story from being a Sales Representative at Gillette Stadium?

Working as a Sales Representative, or “Hawker” as we were called around the stadium, at Gillette was the perfect way to begin my sales career. As a Hawker, you have to be outspoken and aggressive to make your money and thus I was thrown into a high-paced outside sales world at the age of 16. I’m happy to have learned these bold sales tactics early on in my career. When reflecting on the many memorable nights I had as a Hawker, my first ever shift comes to mind. You also earn the majority of your payment in tips. My first day on the job everything was going great until I had to report what I had earned in tips. I reached into my pockets and found that at some point I must’ve dropped all the tips I had earned, plus whatever extra cash I had brought that day. I wound up walking out of my first day on the job with less cash than I walked in with.

Matthew Sullivan Hawking
Matthew (right) in his hawking days.

Shortly after graduating with a degree in Communications and Economics at UMass Amherst, you jumped into a career in tech sales.  What sparked your interest in this field?

As I previously stated, my first job was as a Sales Representative at Gillette Stadium. I really enjoyed the high-paced, competitive sales environment as well as getting the opportunity to connect with different people and solve different problems every day. Tech sales was an easy jump from my work in sales at Gillette as it allows me to grow and expand upon my sales skills every day.

Since joining Carbonite, you’ve seen a rapid progression in terms of your career advancement.  What has contributed to your success there?

My career progression has been a result of being flexible and able to adapt to change easily. In a continually evolving sales environment, you need to be able to roll with the punches and pick up on what successful coworkers are doing and then emulate them.

Can you share the high-level responsibilities of your current position as Inside Sales Manager at Carbonite?

I work with new business, so my main responsibility is reaching out to prospects who have started a trial of our software. I contact them and attempt to learn about their IT environment. From there I am able to inform them of what product is best suited for their needs. I then typically connect them with an engineer here who will help with the installation of our software, and if things go according to plan I’ll sell them a subscription for a few years!

Any tips for someone considering a career in sales?

In sales, you have to be prepared to handle the peaks and valleys. People, trends, competitors, and deals are always coming and going. Sales strategies and products are constantly changing. You have to be able to adapt to new circumstances and grind it out; you can’t let the valleys affect your work ethic or hustle.

A Day in the Life

Coffee, tea, or nothing?

I generally have two coffees per day, one in the morning and one around 1 or 2 PM. I don’t shy away from tea either though, we have various teas available in the office and I prefer mixing the chamomile and peppermint tea.

What time do you get into the office?

I get to the office around 8:45 AM.

Every day is different, but can you outline what a typical day looks like for you?

I start my morning by checking my email and listening to my voicemail. I then get my coffee and get to calling – I organize my day by time zone, so I start with some abroad calls then move EST, CST, MST, PST and sometimes some Hawaiian calls!

What time do you head out of the office?

I generally leave the office between 5:30 and 6 PM.

Do you log back in at night or do you shut it down completely?  

I almost always shut it down, but if I get a notification for an outlook email that I’ve been waiting for then I’ll occasionally check/reply.

Any productivity hacks?

I take a few minutes each morning to settle in and prioritize your calls for the day. Having high call volume is good, but having calls with people who actually want to speak with you is better.

What are the 3 apps that you can’t live without?

Uber, Podcast, and AccuWeather (recently decided to give up on Apple Weather)

What professional accomplishment are you proudest of?

Being a part of the 2017 Customer Success Team at Carbonite that broke the record for most cross-sale bookings.

Matthew (center, background) as part of the Carbonite softball team.

Who do you admire or call upon for professional advice?

My sister is only two years older than me, but she has been my professional role model. She started in tech sales at a small startup and then was able to transition into a role at Google last year, in which she has already seen a lot of success.

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