April 3, 2019

Katalyst - An All-In-One Restaurant Management Solution

Katalyst has developed and designed a software solution for nearly every stressful part of managing high-volume restaurants.

We connected with Dan Roland, CEO of Katalyst, to learn more about how his background working in restaurants led him to start the company and what sets them apart from other, similar startups in that space. Roland also spoke about the company’s rebranding from the name Rezzit21.

Colin Barry [CB]: For starters, let’s talk about what lead you down the entrepreneurial path. What is your background with startups in the Boston tech space? 

Dan Roland Katalyst
Dan Roland, CEO of Katalyst

Dan Roland [DR]: I would say that my background is mainly in restaurant management and operations. My entrance into the Boston tech space was derived from the glaring inability to get applications and operating systems to communicate with one another and share data within the restaurant industry.

CB: Now let’s talk about the company. What was the big a-ha moment behind Katalyst? Was anyone involved with the restaurant/hospitality business prior to starting or joining the company?

DR: My family has owned and operated a number of high volume restaurants in the Boston area for the past 20+ years, so I have been in the hospitality industry for the majority of my life. After being frustrated with the inability to connect the multiple types of systems needed to effectively run a restaurant and manual gathering of data in order to present it in a constructive and simple way, we decided to build our own hospitality solutions from scratch right in our own restaurants.

CB: How does the Katalyst OS work?

DR: Katalyst is a cloud operating system that combines Point Of Sale, Online Reservations, Online Ordering, Real-Time Table Management & Waitlist, Gift Certificates, Loyalty Program, plus much more into one system. Having all those components encompassed within one login makes it easier for data to be collected, leveraged, and analyzed. Ultimately, our system breaks down communication barriers restaurants have been facing for years and gives them the tools needed to truly know their business inside and out within one unified operating system. By having all guest-facing information flow into the same space, it allows us to present the data in an actionable way to restaurant management which in-turn leads to proactive decision making.

Katalyst POS 1

CB: What are some of the common problems that Katalyst is looking to solve in the hospitality space?

DR: The biggest issue facing the hospitality space is the fact that businesses have to use multiple disparate solutions that don’t talk to each other to run their operations. It is extremely difficult and time-consuming to piece together data from various front and back of house systems in a way that makes sense and provides insight for operators. Some systems are also simply too cost-prohibitive or require a great deal of hardware to operate. We’ve experienced all those pains as restauranteurs ourselves.

CB: What sets your company apart from others working with restaurants?

DR: We are restaurant operators who have built, scaled, and successfully exited in the software space in the past, so we are in a unique position of knowing both sides intimately. We know how difficult it is to run a restaurant, how difficult it is to gather and understand metrics and analytics, and generally how frustrating it is to not have the tools needed in one place to utilize. Having a first-hand view of the daily roadblocks restaurants face, it helps us guide our development path towards solutions that complement each other and can be put to work for the restaurant immediately.

Katalyst POS 2

CB: You’ve recently rebranded from Rezzit21. What was that process like and why did the team decide to rebrand?

DR: As we built our system over the past two years we came to the realization that Rezzit21, as a brand, just didn’t fit the overall scope of our product. Recently emerging from stealth, the message we want to convey moving forward is a cohesive operating system with all branches working seamlessly as one. True to its definition, Katalyst’s Operating System will act as an agent that provokes significant speed and change within the restaurant and hospitality space through streamlined tools working as one to produce immense insight and value.

CB: Any other additional comments you’d like to make?

DR: Our system has been meticulously designed and priced to work and scale for any type of restaurant, whether it be a corner coffee shop or a fine dining establishment with function rooms. We have placed a firm focus on allowing restaurants to turn on or off modules at any time, allowing Katalyst to grow with the restaurant’s current needs. For more information about our system and its tremendous benefits, we can be reached at

Colin Barry is the Content Manager to VentureFizz. Follow him on Twitter @ColinKrash.

Images courtesy of Katalyst