Inside: Product & Engineering at TrueMotion [Video]

May 15, 2019

Inside: Product & Engineering at TrueMotion [Video]

TrueMotion provides the world’s leading smartphone driving data platform. Powered by machine learning, the platform determines when a person is driving, reveals their behaviors behind the wheel, and detects crashes. Insurers, rideshare companies, and fleets use TrueMotion data to fuel their pricing, claims, and retention programs. Eight of the top 20 US insurers and leading insurers in Canada and Europe rely on TrueMotion technology.

I interviewed Rohit Goyal, COO at TrueMotion, to give you an inside look at the company's product & engineering organization.

During this interview, we discuss Rohit's background, the details on TrueMotion, its social mission, their platform, what to expect during the interview process, and the company's culture.

Do you like what you hear? Click here for a list of job openings at TrueMotion.

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