March 20, 2019

Engineering Spotlight: Hometap

Hometap gives homeowners the ability to access funds via their home equity, without any interest or monthly payment following it.

We connected with Steve Leibman, Hometap’s VP of Engineering, to get an inside look at the company's engineering team. Leibman also went into lots of details about the company’s technology, the various projects, the team's culture and more.

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Quick Hit Company Details

Year Founded: 2017

Number of Employees: 18, but we have 3 open positions

Number of Engineers: 6 members on our engineering and data science team, and are hiring for 1 more engineer

Industry: FinTech

Can you share a summary on what Hometap does?

Steve Leibman
Steve Leibman, VP of Engineering at Hometap

At Hometap, we believe you can have a house and a life. Our vision is to empower homeowners to access their home's equity, free of debt.

Hometap is like a home equity time machine, providing near-immediate access to your funds, with no interest or monthly payments required. That’s because we’re an investor, not a lender. We invest alongside homeowners, providing you cash today in exchange for a share of the future value of your home.

What are some of the different technologies that the engineering team gets to work with and at what scale?

We’re constantly working to improve our internal web applications to assist our teams, in ways like simplifying and speeding up our forecasting and underwriting processes.

Another critical goal our team has is to enhance and build out our consumer-facing products to simplify the overall homeowner experience when engaging on our platforms.

We give our team a fair amount of autonomy and choice for the technology that will be most effective in helping the team achieve its goals. Currently, our toolset ranges from web application technologies like Django and React, to data manipulation products like Airflow, to numerical libraries and statistical analysis inside Python.

What are some of the interesting projects that the engineering team is tackling?

We’re currently undergoing an effort to streamline our user experience. Our data science and engineering teams are working together at the intersection of building out our consumer-facing product and the front-end experience and enhancing the back-end experience so our data science team can run sophisticated back-end data investigation analyses.

Plus, we’re working on a product that helps solve a real need for homeowners, and it feels good knowing our work has that kind of impact.

What is the culture like at Hometap for the engineering team?

Ownership is a huge part of our engineering culture at Hometap. Every member of our team has a direct impact on both the product itself, and on the homeowners using the product every day. We work hard to ensure everyone on the team to has the freedom to make decisions that they believe will work best, and take ownership in that work.

As a responsible owner, we trust you and provide as much flexibility as we can when it comes to your working schedule and time off.

Hometap engineering

Are you involved in any local tech organizations or Meetups?

We encourage our team to explore and develop their interests outside of day-to-day work. In fact, Boston Product, a local professional development organization for Product Leaders, is run by Adam Sigel, Hometap’s Head of Product.

We’re always open to attending and hosting new meetups in our office, so feel free to bring your ideas!

Rapid Fire Q&A

What’s on tap? 

We’re Hometap. Home equity investments around the U.S. is what’s on tap.

Star Wars or Star Trek?

More diverse than that -- we like all sorts of stars.

iPhone or Android?

One of each.

Coffee - hot or iced? 

Iced, hold the coffee. And melt the ice.

Favorite employee perk?

Copious amounts of free snacks, and brand new hardware to greet you on your first day.

What TV show describes the engineering team’s culture?

Silicon Valley, minus the fires and inappropriate jokes

What music is playing in your office?

Whatever you want to pull up on Sonos.

Team Profiles

Julio Carrera Hometap

Julio Carrera, Senior Software Engineer

As a kid, Julio aspired to be a horse when he grew up. Thankfully, he channeled that drive and energy instead into earning an MS in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon. Today, as Julio puts it, his role as a senior full-stack engineer is “like a magician that makes things work when you use a website.” He writes code for both the back end (the processes that make up and power the site) and the front end (what users see and interact with).

An enthusiastic curler, Julio holds bragging rights as a curling finalist at the Broomstones Oktoberfest Open Curling Spiel, and also enjoys biking and playing tennis when he’s not in the office.

Charlie Vrettos Hometap

Charlie Vrettos, Co-Founder + Software Developer

Perhaps Charlie was destined for greatness given his innate ability to assemble pretty much anything. Or maybe it's just that he works hard. Really hard. Like he wears the same style shirt every day because he's too busy coding to worry about whether snakeskin is in season or not.

Either way, we're glad to have him at Hometap, where he, in his own humble words, "Builds stuff. Digital stuff." To put it another way, he's the one building what you see and uses every day on our platform; the one making sure you have a flawless, secure, and seamless user experience.

When he's not nose-deep in his computer, you can find him watching Jeopardy! or attempting—and failing—to parallel park. Turns out his greatness has yet to catch up with his parking abilities.

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Images courtesy of Hometap

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