August 18, 2010

Here boy! It’s 5 minutes with Fetch Storage

Here’s another take on a web startup – one that comes with a 7,000 sq ft storage facility and a fleet of delivery trucks. Meet Fetch Storage. Ok, it’s not really a web startup. As cofounder Jesse Mastro puts it, the team at Fetch is seeking to bring new technology, like personal online inventory management, into “old models” like the property storage market. Just like SaaS products storage your digital stuff in the cloud and allow you to select what you need, when you need it, so Fetch does for your physical things utilizing, a personalized web based control panel and a fleet of delivery trucks.

The team is currently looking for funding, and is doing so along with the many teams participating in the Mass Challenge. They’ll need that funding if they ever hope to grow beyond their initial Boston-based geographic location. But it’s not just the physical infrastructure they’ll need. . In order to make this work, a smart automation of the way items are checked in, stored, requested, scheduled for delivery and arrived on time is not something for the faint of heart. Actually, I’d say that getting cheap storage space and delivery trucks is probably not one of their largest problems.

But the cofounding team of Jesse along with Brij Patel and Christian Baxter are off to a great start, with a few employees and over 100 paying customers, including several local businesses such as the Boston Metro Newspaper, that uses Fetch to store the paper’s back issues. I met up with Jesse and Christian at WorkBar Boston, who were kind enough to let us record our meeting in their lounge during one of their free co-working days.

Matthew Mamet
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