September 3, 2015

Get In to Give Back

On Thursday, September 17 over 1,500 TUGGers will get out of the office and into the community, volunteering at over 50 local nonprofit sites and serving over 9,000 hours to benefit Boston’s homeless, veterans, seniors, and at-risk families and youth.

Our tech entrepreneurs are taking one day to consciously shift their priorities away from launch deadlines, project schedules, and standups, bringing their resources to bear on businesses that are not unlike their own, but without the same resources and tools available to meet their – or their community’s – needs.

After a day of work, we will come together to celebrate. But TUGGers don’t just party, despite our advanced skills in that department.  We will vote at the afterparty to fund $140k in grants for six of the riskiest local start-up nonprofits serving under-resourced youth – three returning TUGG organizations and three organizations that will be new to the TUGG portfolio.  Our grant funding is thanks to the generous support of tech companies of all sizes and stages that make giving back to the community part of their company culture and DNA.  Check out our sponsors. If there is a better group to work with, I haven’t met them.

TUGG’s nonprofits, and their leaders, represent the best of us.  They attack the big, hard problems in our community in innovative ways, and they do all of this without the promise of equity or even an espresso machine at the office.  If you haven’t met the CEOs (Executive Directors) of our returning organizations - Mickey Cockrell of Catie’s ClosetDavid Delmar of Resilient Coders, and Sarah Garabedian of A Bed For Every Child - come to our afterparty, see their light shine, and witness leadership at its very best. 

TUGG. Tech Gives Back

Before we get to the party, this week help us pick the next leaders to represent TUGG by voting for a startup to join TUGG’s portfolio and compete at the event.  Pick the start up nonprofit you feel most engaged by, the startup you feel will have widespread impact. If the process seems simple, it is by design.  Tech startups are pitched in elevators and are judged by their ability to create vast change, efficiently. So too are TUGG’s nonprofit startups, albeit via a virtual elevator in this case.

Tech Gives Back.  What a simple concept.  One industry, one day of service, one small way to honor the community that makes our city a vibrant place to work and live, not to mention a great place to build companies. New this year, together with our partner Silicon Valley Bank, we will bring Tech Gives Back to New York, because when something works, scale it.  If you can help 50 nonprofits in a day, help 100. 

No matter where Tech Gives Back goes, Boston is its home base. I am proud to call Boston’s tech entrepreneurs TUGGers.  Through TUGG, we bring a palpable energy that makes Boston’s start-up culture uniquely ours.

Join me -  join all 1,500 of us - and be a part of the TUGG movement. How? Sign up to volunteer here.  Email me to sponsor the afterparty and contribute to our grant funding.

However you want to get involved, get your TUGG on.

Special thanks to Building Impact, our nonprofit project site coordinator, and to Silicon Valley Bank, our partner in making all things possible.

Zoe Anetakis is Executive Director at TUGGYou can find this and related content on the TUGG Blog and you can follow Zoe on Twitter @zoeanetakis.