Founder Dialogues featuring Andy Ory of Acme Packet (Video)

In the past, Boston has never been good at celebrating the many, many great success stories in our backyard.  Maybe we're too humble?  However, over the past couple of years, the tide has turned.  The showcase for this culture movement has been Eric Paley's Founder Dialgoues.

If you have never attended one of these events, you are missing out.  It is a fireside chat format where he takes you through a successful entrepreneur's journey.  Each story has its own nuances that make it unique and inspiring.  Plus, there are many lessons learned in all of these events that are key takeaways for all entrepreneurs.

The last installment was no exception.  Andy Ory is the reason why Founder Dialogues exists.  Andy is the founder of two very successful companies.  The latest is Acme Packet, which went public in 2006 and has a market cap of almost $4B.  He was also the founder and CEO of Priority Call Management, which was acquired by LHS Group in 1999.

Below is the video of the event, which you can watch the entire chat in one shot or we have it broken up into a few different segements.  A special thanks to Eric Paley and Nathalie Bishop for allowing us to publish the video from this great event!  Also, thanks to Skip Bensley on producing & editing the video and VisibleGains for their continued support!