August 28, 2018

Exclusive: Drift's New Offices in Boston

Drift recently moved to their new Boston headquarters in the Back Bay and we have your exclusive first look at their new offices!

Drift has built the world's first and only conversational marketing platform. The company has raised $107M in funding and was founded by serial entrepreneurs David Cancel and Elias Torres.

Yes, Drift's new offices have amazing views of Boston and plenty of room for collaboration between employees, which is to be expected. However, while most companies have a Zildjian gong to celebrate the wins from the sales team, Drift is the only company who has a VP of Sales with the same last name and is actually a member of the same family tree! You can check out our recent podcast interview with Armen Zildjian here.

As you take our tour, you'll also get a glimpse of Dave Gerhardt, Drift's VP of Marketing, hard at work creating some new content... plus a look inside the podcast studio where the infamous Seeking Wisdom podcast is recorded.

Want to work here?  Click here for the job openings at Drift!