March 1, 2016

Engineering Spotlight: Wellist

Engineering Spotlight is a VentureFizz series that gives you a closer look at some of the best engineering teams in and around Boston. 

Today we're featuring Wellist. Wellist is a one-stop resource for patients and caregivers to find the services needed to help w/everyday tasks from meal delivery to rides to treatment + more.

What's your engineering team's background?

The Wellist Engineering team is made up of highly motivated engineers who care deeply about what we’re trying to accomplish here at Wellist: providing support to patients and families when they need it most. We have experienced leadership and a great young team brimming with ideas and enthusiasm.  Our team has a passion for using powerful tools in service of important problems.

Highlight a couple of people specifically.

Amanda Muñoz is a recent hire, and we love her not just for her engineering abilities, but also for her work in the community. Amanda spends her free time as a TA for Girl Develop It, as a volunteer instructor for Girls Who Code, and mentoring in the community – for instance at the upcoming CodeAcross Boston.

Amanda is a great example of Wellist at our best: doing great work to try to build a better world.

What is your tech stack?  

Postgres, Ruby/Rails, React/Flux, with some Ember used in internal tools.

What are some of the cool & interesting problems you're solving? 

Helping someone get well is the coolest and most interesting problem there is. We’re trying to learn from our user community what resources are going to be most helpful in their care, not only directly by soliciting their feedback, but also indirectly by experimenting with features designed to make their lives better. 

What is the culture of the engineering team?  

We believe that the best results will come from the best culture, so we’re trying to grow a healthy culture where we are all teaching, learning, growing, building, and shipping great software. We value different ideas and perspectives, craftsmanship, and passion. 

Highlight some of your job openings:

We’re looking for a senior/lead developer who can join our small team. More than anything else, they must want to join us on our mission and value our culture. They must also have experience building accessible modern web applications. Basically everything else is negotiable. We’re happy to talk to people with training in other stacks, and people who come from nontraditional engineering backgrounds. 

Check out our job openings by visiting our BIZZpage!

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