March 22, 2016

Engineering Spotlight: PatientPing

Engineering Spotlight is a VentureFizz series that gives you a closer look at some of the best engineering teams in and around Boston. 

Today we're featuring PatientPing. PatientPing is a venture-backed health technology company based in Boston that is transforming healthcare delivery. They are building a national network that connects providers with real-time notifications when their patients receive care anywhere, so that providers can better coordinate patient care.

What's your engineering team's background?

Our engineers are technically curious and have no fear. They are thoughtful, consider all options, then propose bold and imaginative solutions.

Highlight a couple of people specifically:

Julie Rice, Software Engineer at PatientPing

Julie Rice, Software Engineer

How I got to PatientPing:
I moved to Boston with the intent of getting into the local startup scene. I knew I wanted to be part of something on the ground floor, preferably in Healthcare, and after meeting Jay Desai, our Co-Founder and CEO and David Berkowicz, our Co-Founder and CTO, I realized this was exactly the company I had been looking for.

Favorite accomplishment:
My favorite accomplishments are being very much a part of setting up and the end-to-end process involved with handling the data feeds from Hospitals. I've been involved at some point in requirements gathering, scoping, and implementing the infrastructure and code to handle the data and make sure it gets taken care of accurately for our application. I've played a role in helping to put processes in place that allow us to operate more efficiently as a team in general.

Favorite thing about working at PatientPing:
I love that is an open and collaborative environment and I've gotten to gain new skills as well as learn about other areas of the business. I get bored easily so if I'm not learning something new every so often, I will lose interest. The environment at PatientPing has kept me engaged and challenged!

Christopher Schuch, Software Engineer at PatientPing

Christopher Schuch, Software Engineer

How I got to PatientPing:
I studied Physics in college with the intention of going into academia, but learned that having a direct impact on people's lives was very important to me. After undergrad, I started working as a data scientist, using different analytical methods to support a referral management application designed to help connect patients to the most appropriate providers for their specific conditions. Over time, I became more and more interested in the engineering aspect of the business, and started to transition from analytics to software development.

When I was looking for a new opportunity about a year and a half ago, I met with Lara Sincropi-Yao, our Co-Founder and COO and was immediately very interested in the product and mission of PatientPing. After meeting with the rest of the team and realizing how passionate and mission-driven the organization was, I knew that it would be a great fit for me.

Favorite accomplishment:
Last fall, I began working closely with our product and design teams to completely revamp our main customer facing application to better meet our customers' business needs as well as to provide a superior user experience. We decided to take the opportunity to simultaneously modernize our front-end technology stack in order to position ourselves to iterate quickly in the future as the product evolves and business needs change. I spent a significant amount of time researching the rapidly evolving JavaScript ecosystem, and eventually decided to implement the new application using React and Redux - two new and exciting front-end frameworks. After just a few months, we were able to launch an entirely new version of our application, which our customers have greatly appreciated so far. It was truly an amazing experience to be involved in everything from initial user interviews to delivering a final product over the course of 6 months.

Favorite thing about working at PatientPing:
I love the people I work with. Not only is everyone on the team incredibly passionate about healthcare and providing a great experience to our users, but I've also made a ton of great friends during my time here.

What is your tech stack?  

We are hosted in the cloud at AWS.

We believe in using the best tool for the job at hand and we are therefore open to introducing new technologies when appropriate. At present, our data layer is a combination of MySQL and ElasticSearch, and most of our server-side code is written in Java as EJBs. The client-side applications are authored in React, Redux, ECMAScript6, and we use SCSS for our stylesheets.  We continue to modernize our tech stack as we migrate all the client applications to React/Redux and simultaneously transition our services to Spring Boot. We recently introduced Kafka to help handle large amounts of inbound real-time data.

What are some of the cool & interesting problems you're solving? 

We track patients as they move through the healthcare system. In order to do this we collect a large amount of real-time data from which we extract relevant information so as to present caregivers with meaningful and actionable data. This is a very complex and difficult process in a number of ways; we need a rapidly scalable infrastructure, we need a simple and intuitive frontend for our customers, we need to constantly consider how to most efficiently process this information to provide value to all members of the patient’s care team. We constantly challenge ourselves to keep improving our overall architecture and design as we grow and scale our platform. 

What is the culture of the engineering team?  

We foster a very collaborative culture with the mindset that the best idea wins, regardless of its origin. We believe in intellectual honesty – don’t pretend to know, just ask, that’s how you learn. Collectively, we are a team of unique, passionate individuals that truly support and embody PatientPing’s values, but at the same time we believe that teams are most effective when you enjoy the company of the people you work alongside. 

Highlight some of your job openings:

We are looking for a Senior Front End Software Engineer to join our Boston-based team.  If you love working with React or are an AngularJS expert with a strong desire to learn React, we encourage you to apply!

Our Business Development and Growth Teams are also hiring new talent! If you are innately entrepreneurial, passionate about spreading our service, and have a lot of hustle, we are interested in hearing from you.

If you would like apply to a specific job opening or just curious about what we are up to, check out our Careers page


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