September 14, 2015

Engineering Spotlight: Localytics

Engineering Spotlight is our newest series which offers our readers a closer look at some of the best engineering teams in and around Boston. 

We're kicking things off with Localytics! If you don't know by now, Localytics helps companies such as ESPN, eBay, Fox, and the New York Times create personalized app experiences that drive higher engagement, loyalty and lifetime value. They're hiring like crazy and just announced that they'll be expanding their office space with a new, 55,000 square-foot lease in Boston's City Plaza!

What's your engineering team's background?

The team is a mix of entrepreneurial engineers and technology experts. We have 6 engineers who have started their own companies prior to joining Localytics. In terms of technology expertise you can see from our blog and open source projects that we have some of the top Boston talent in Big Data technologies, JavaScript, Scala, functional programming and DevOps.


Highlight a couple of people specifically.

Just check out our recent employee spotlights with Brian Zeligson and DeRon Brown on our blog. 


What is your tech stack?

We’re one of the largest Scala teams in the city and have close to 30 Scala services. Our data platform engineers work with MPP databases and we’re making deep investments in Spark. Our platform is 100% on AWS and we manage our infrastructure with code.

Our analytics dashboard is powered by Rails and we’re migrating the front end to a Single Page App architecture with Angular, ES6 and React.

We also provide SDKs for several platforms including iOS, Android and HTML5.


What are some of the cool / interesting problems that you're solving?

We process billions of datapoints a day and have many interesting challenges in distributed systems, big data and data visualization. We’re also launching some Predictive Analytics features this year so implementing machine learning at scale has been interesting.


What is the culture of the engineering team?

Despite our growth our culture is still very entrepreneurial. We’re organized into small cross functional teams that are very autonomous. Each team owns the roadmaps for their features and corresponding services which includes executing user testing, screen design, technical design, development, deployment and maintenance. Engineers are very connected with our product vision and often influence the product roadmap by collaborating with the Product team or proving out their own ideas during hackathons.

Learning and teaching is also an important part of our culture. We have several “study groups” and guilds such as the Functional Programming in Scala Book Club, Category Theory Study Group, Swift Development Group, Front End Guild, Back End Guild and DevOps Guild. Many engineers also have side projects. Randy and Jeff built Proximit which is now the most popular MBTA app in the app store. DeRon is launching Flockery which is a way to coordinate events with friends.


What positions are you looking to hire? 

As we’re growing, some of our challenges will soon require industry experts to help us solve them. Right now we’re focussed on engineers with experience in distributed systems and big data technologies. We’ve become more involved in the Spark community lately and will begin contributing to the open source project so it would be great to pull some Spark committers on to the team. Otherwise we love talking with folks who have worked with massive amounts of data and pushed the limits of AWS. Also looking for mobile engineers and front end experts.

Be sure to checkout our BIZZpage below for all of our current openings! 



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