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Engineering Spotlight: Bevi

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Bevi is a Series C startup that has raised over $60 million to bring customizable, healthy hydration to offices and facilities across the US and Canada.

We connected with Jim Schley, VP, Software Engineering at Bevi, to get an inside look at the company's technology, various projects, the team's culture, and more. 

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Quick Hit Details

  • Year Founded:  2013

  • Number of employees: 120

  • Number of engineers on Software team: 7

  • Industry: Food & Beverage

Share a summary of what Bevi does, and the Software Engineering team within Bevi.

Bevi is an environmental company that aims to eliminate disposable bottles and cans through smart beverage machines that create healthy beverages on demand.  Our first product is an IoT office water cooler that serves customizable sparking and flavored water.  

The software team is responsible for the code that runs Bevi - from the firmware to the cloud. Bevi software is more than just the user interface on the front of the machine. It’s a true IoT platform and cloud platform for data collection and management. Our platform provides remote management and diagnostic capabilities to users over the lifecycle of the machine - from factory manufacturing personnel to operators to service technicians to data scientists to beverage consumers. Indeed, the data science component really drives innovation and improves user experience. Our software team works closely with Bevi’s hardware engineering team while we develop new features to create an integrated R&D approach. In the end, software engineers get to have a real impact on the final product and customer experience.

What are the different technologies that the team gets to work with and what scale?

  • IoT: Android, Kotlin, and Java, C++ Embedded FIrmware running on the machine
  • Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, React cloud application
  • Python for test automation
  • 5Tran, Looker, Snowflake Data Platform

What are some interesting projects you’re tackling?

Right now we’re all working on diverse projects like: a scripting platform to write automated hardware test scenarios on the factory floor; using robotics principles to read sensors in the machines and make autonomous decisions; Machine learning models on our collected data; and predictive modelling for service and sales

Does the team have a chance to work on projects outside of their day-to-day responsibilities? 

We’re also working on innovations that can be included in future product offerings including things like personalization, RFID, NFC, physics modelling. We do contribute to open source and are culturally supportive to expanding on that. Developing intellectual property is important to the team, and we’re excited to have our name on a few patents in the future.

What is the culture like at Bevi for the engineering team?

We’re cross-functional and collaborative, and hold each other to a high standard. We have a flat organizational structure. We have a true culture of curiosity.  We’re inclusive, and team members bring their full (and fully hydrated!) self to work every day. We’re flexible and have good work-life balance, and we have fun. We love our product and we love that our customers love our product. 

What can a candidate expect in interview?

First off, transparency and the opportunity to learn every you want to know.  You’ll meet with our VP of Software, the Chief Architect, the Engineers on the team, and a Co-Founder.  You’ll do some pair coding (an easy problem), and engage in an architecture discussion about an applied issue we’re currently facing in our work.

Are we involved in any local tech orgs?

We want to find ways to contribute to the local tech community around IoT and robotics. We attend meet-ups like Kotlin Office hours and Boston Android, and also attend and speak at conferences including DroidCon, Digital Ocean and Snowflake Data Bricks. 

Rapid Fire Q&A

What’s on tap?

Unlimited Bevi water including prototype flavors, George Howell cold brew, good coffee, team members’ homebrews and cider, and scientifically formulated White Russians... all in reusable bottles and containers!

Star wars or star trek? 

Star wars

Android or IOS?

We’re fully inclusive of all mobile technology choices.

Hot vs. Iced Coffee


Favorite Employee Perk

The Bevi itself - followed by our dog-friendly office

What TV show describes the engineering team culture?

The A Team

What music is playing in the office?

Eclectic mix -- whatever concert we’re going to this week. Usually punk or soundcloud rap.

What is our view from the office?

Charlestown, Boston and Beyond!

Bevi Office view

Cleanest desk / Messiest desk 

Cleanest = Jim

Messiest Desk = Our electronics bench in the Lab

Team Profiles

Jim Schley Bevi

Jim Schley, Vice President, Software

Jim is Vice President of Software Engineering at Bevi. He has over 20 years of experience in software and has worked at a range of startup companies of various sizes and stages including Bullhorn, Brightcove, and Aereo. Most recently, he worked at developer tools companies Codeship and CloudBees. Jim started his career as a software engineer and did a long stint at Adobe Systems where he first moved into a management role. Jim was born in Buffalo, New York but grew up in Connecticut and went to college in Baltimore. Jim has lived in the Boston area for many years now and enjoys skiing in Vermont among many other outdoor pursuits including cycling. He feels strongly about environmental and sustainability issues which gives him drive to build the very best product possible at Bevi.

Yvan De Boeck Bevi

Yvan De Boeck - Chief Architect

Yvan De Boeck has more than twenty years of software engineering experience, most recently at Skyva and Black Duck Software. He is a passionate advocate of open source software development, and outside of software he is also a full-stack musician: guitar, drums, and spoons.

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We’re a Series C startup using intuitive, user-centered design to disrupt the bottled beverage industry and create customizable beverages at the point of use.

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