December 22, 2013

Dyn Acquires ReadyStatus - Makes Its Innovative Internet Performance Solution Even Better

Manchester internet performance solutions company Dyn sees itself as the most important player in what is becoming a vital and highly competitive space. In order to maintain its prominent status as the company making sure some of the (not able to be disclosed, but have a look at some of the names on the wall of its office tour) most important companies on the internet run efficiency and continuously, they have announced the acquisition of service notification company ReadyStatus.

California-based ReadyStatus is best known as a tool that notifies customers of planned and unplanned service interruptions, "thereby creating improved communication between end users and companies," a press release announcing the deal explained. ReadyStatus was created to inform customers that there is a problem on a website while engineers resolve the issue behind the scenes. The main advantage of ReadyStatus's API-accessed notification tool is that it allows companies to "outsource their status page to a dedicated provider that hosts and manages it on a separate infrastructure from the rest of the company’s application stack."

As seen by Dyn's Chief Revenue Officer Kyle York's comments on the acquisition, Dyn is seeing what is happening in the performance solutions space and seeking to keep their advantage as the key innovator beneath the internet's infrastructure. 

“If you’ve read the headlines recently, you know that Akamai acquired Prolexic and Verizon purchased Edgecast,” York said. “We’re very happy to see the public and media beginning to understand and discuss the importance of Internet performance," he added. "On a volatile Internet, the expectations for performance continue to grow and we’re excited to continue to deliver for our customers.” 

With ReadyStatus in the fold, Dyn plans to integrate the notification tool with its Dyn Managed DNS feature "Traffic Director". With Traffic Director enabled with ReadyStatus, if a company’s website goes down, their homepage will automatically display a status update page and end users "won’t be left in the dark." Dyn expects to incorporate ReadyStatus for general availability and complete integration into its product suite at some point next year.

As Scott Hilton, Dyn's Executive Vice President of Product said in the press release, “We are committed to helping our customers manage the performance of their service delivery platforms. Dyn technology focuses on optimized user experience: reliability, speed, and control. In today’s transparent digital age, we believe monitoring, reporting, and proactive and automated communications are a necessity.” 

"We are very excited about ReadyStatus joining Dyn,” said ReadyStatus founder Libby Horton. “The ability to bring high-quality status sites to Dyn's outstanding customer base, as well as integrating into the Internet performance capabilities of the Dyn portfolio, will make a far greater impact on the market than we could have done on our own."

The announcement of the acquisition concludes an impressive year for Dyn who could be one of the big local IPO's in 2014. Their last round of funding was $38M from North Bridge Venture Partners in 2012. 

Dennis Keohane is the Senior Writer for VentureFizz. You can follow Dennis on Twitter (@DBKeohane) by clicking here.