July 23, 2018

Drift's HYPERGROWTH is Back and It's Bigger & Better Than Last Year

Drift held their first HYPERGROWTH conference last year and it did not disappoint. It was so much more than your typical conference. The speakers were inspirational and the energy throughout the day was absolutely infectious. Check out our recap: Five Takeaways From Drift's HYPERGROWTH Conference.

This year's conference takes place on September 4th in Boston and they are definitely raising the bar with an amazing list of speakers, two events (one on each coast), and a whole new venue in Boston!

I connected with Dave Gerhardt, Drift's VP of Marketing, to get a preview of this year's conference. Make sure you keep reading to the end, as we have an exclusive discount code for VentureFizz readers, where you can buy tickets for only $99... which is an amazing, no-brainer deal!

Keith Cline: Last year's event was amazing... lots of great speakers and energy.  So, how do you plan on topping last year's event?

Dave Gerhardt: As good a show as HYPERGROWTH 2017 was, we are definitely topping ourselves this year and the secret to that is threefold.

One, we’ve really raised the game on our speakers lineup for HYPERGROWTH 2018. Our roster last year was comprised of a lot of great local CMOs, CTOs and other executives, but this year we’ve cast a much wider net. HYPERGROWTH is all about people who have built brands from scratch and focused on personal and professional growth. So, in order to speak to that, this year we have a world-class roster of authors, entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, inspirational speakers and more.

Number two is the venue. Last year’s venue made for a great show, don’t get me wrong; it was packed and filled with this wonderful energy from the audience. But, we’re kicking up the size of the venue this year so that we can not only fit more people and more speakers, but also a whole new, vibrant experience. We’re putting more into the branding, the VIP sections, the after-party celebrations – basically, creating a lot more space for networking and mingling, so that, beyond just hearing from some cool speakers, our attendees are getting a whole new, bigger experience from everything else.

And, last but certainly not least, we’re bringing HYPERGROWTH to *both* coasts this year.

KC: How many people are you expecting this year?

DG: At the Boston show, we’re expecting over 4,000 people. Our second show, in San Francisco, right now has about 1,500 attending.

KC: Let's talk about the venue.  Why are you holding HYPERGROWTH at the Blue Hills Pavilion? 

DG: In a city packed with great concert venues, Blue Hills Bank Pavilion stands out as one of the best – and that’s exactly the kind of vibe we’re trying to create with HYPERGROWTH this year. We don’t want this to look or sound like the typical marketing conference; we want this to have a very festival-type feel, like you’re going to Coachella. That’s partly why we chose the Pavilion: we want you to feel like you’re going to a concert, not a conference.

But, the venue choice also reflects just how we want to structure HYPERGROWTH. At most marketing conferences, you have tons of breakout sessions that sound cool, but are scheduled so tightly together – or overlap each other – that you really need to rush from one to the other, or sometimes miss out entirely because there are two or three sessions you want to attend that are happening at the same time. We don’t want anyone missing anything because of scheduling, and we don’t want anyone leaving a session early because they need to sprint to the next one. That’s why we’re not doing this in a convention center: we want everything happening on one stage, so that everyone is sharing in this same experience and no one misses anything. At Drift, we are all about learning – and at Hypergrowth, we want everyone learning together.

KC: You are raising the bar by holding HYPERGROWTH on both coasts - Boston and San Francisco.  Why are you holding the conference twice?

DG: We always want to have HYPERGROWTH in Boston; this is our home, this is where we started, so no matter where we are as a company, we need to do one HYPERGROWTH outing here. At the same time, we also want to be mindful that not everyone who wants to come to or speak at HYPERGROWTH lives that close to Boston. So, this year we’ve added a west coast option so that we can double our footprint and provide an alternative for people who want to attend without forcing them to travel to Boston in order to make the show.

KC: Can you highlight some of the Boston speakers?

DG: We have a really high caliber of speakers this year overall, but here are just a few examples:

Jocko Willink

Jocko Willink is a former Navy SEAL who is all about drawing on his experience in the military to pass on lessons about discipline, teamwork, leadership and bettering yourself – which he has written about in his book Extreme Ownership and talks about in his podcast, the aptly named Jocko Podcast.

Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is a sales trainer and author of “The 10x Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure,” who has built a billion-dollar empire around sales training.

Casey Neistat

We’ve got Casey Neistat, whose journey from flipping burgers to becoming a major YouTube celebrity should be hugely inspirational for others to hear.

Chaka Pilgrim

There’s Chaka Pilgrim, a prolific music executive and producer, with unimpeachable credentials spanning companies like Island Def Jam, Atlantic Records, Virgin Records and Roc Nation Records, where she currently sits as president.

Amy Morin

And, we also have Amy Morin, renowned psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker, whose book “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do” is a powerful personal look at channeling grief into mental strength and growth.

KC: What can attendees expect to get out of the HYPERGROWTH, in terms of knowledge, actionable items, or inspiration?

DG: HYPERGROWTH is not your typical marketing conference. It’s not about software. It’s not about hacks, tips or insider marketing tricks, like how to get your Facebook ads to perform better. What HYPERGROWTH is about is meeting with people, talking with people, hearing from people about one, deeply personal thing: how to become your best self.

Our speakers are not just marketing or sales reps; they’re artists, they’re writers, they’re health and fitness gurus, they’re internet sensations, they’re ex-military. And, what they all have in common is a past experience of transforming themselves and achieving a new level of personal growth, that will hopefully inspire our attendees to do the same in their lives. We want everyone who comes to HYPERGROWTH to come out of the show with a new feeling of what they want out of life – personal or professional – and a newfound sense of discipline, ambition and confidence to achieve it. And, of course, leaving with the business cards of a few people who’ve done it and can help you doesn’t hurt either.

KC: Last year, David Cancel unveiled a new product.  Any special surprises planned for this year?  You probably can't share the details... but maybe some hints?

DG: Well, Blue Hills Bank Pavilion sits right on the water… which makes it an ideal venue for, say, a fireworks show or a private party cruise around the harbor. If we were the kind of company to do that kind of thing, of course…

And, we’re launching another new product this year! As for what that is, well, you’ll just have to get to HYPERGROWTH to learn more.

KC: Ok... how can our audience get tickets and any special discounts that we should be aware of?

DG: You bet. VentureFizz subscribers can get $99 HYPERGROWTH tickets using the code FIZZ. Tickets for HYPERGROWTH in both Boston and San Francisco can be found here:

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