December 4, 2013
docTrackr Announces Gmail Integration

docTrackr, the document security company, announced a new product offering today, docTrackr for Gmail.

The integration with one of the world's largest email clients is a huge win for docTrackr. The tool can be enabled as a free Chrome Extension and offers advanced security features that have previously only been available to docTrackr clients, such as the ability to destroy documents after they’ve been sent.

As the press release announcing the launch explained:

"docTrackr for Gmail is easy to use, works within the existing attachment workflow and  does not require a client software download by the recipient. It allows users to gain control of their important business and personal documents to prevent loss or misuse of sensitive information. docTrackr for Gmail enables users to control who can access PDF documents, set and change permissions for those users (print, share, copy) and even remotely disable documents. Senders can easily track documents through real-time notifications and docTrackr’s Document Activity Dashboard. There is no limit to the number of documents that can be secured and tracked."

This is an exciting announcement for docTrackr who have built a large enterprise client base, and who have recently announced partnerships with Box, Sharepoint, and other document management systems. It also makes the company's great email security tools, including document tracking, permission and access controls, and the aforementioned ability to make important (or scandalous) emails disappear, available to the general public.

As docTrackr Co-Founder and CEO Clement Cazalot said, "When you’re sharing data in the cloud you don’t know where your documents are going. The recent scandals around information loss and theft make it even more important for everyone to protect their privacy by securing their sensitive documents.”

Another great Boston TechStars success story, docTrackr received $2M last year in a Seed Round of funding from Atlas Venture, Polaris Partners, and a group of angel investors that includes Joe Caruso and Common Angels.

“We know that documents and email attachments once shared take on a life of their own," Cazalot also commented, "so we wanted shine a light on the lifecycle of a document to illustrate the loss of control if we do not take measures to secure documents we share,."

As such, docTrackr also released the following infographic on the lifecycle of an email:

Is Your Data Running Wild?

22 Shocking Stats About Email Security


Email Security Infographic

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