February 15, 2015

On-Demand Dining: New App Launched to Bring Fresh Meals to Your Door

Bite Kite, a recently launched on-demand meal delivery service, is offering up a daily-changing eclectic menu for Bostonians. Unlike a standard delivery service, Bite Kite provides their own meals expertly prepared with locally sourced ingredients, by their in-house-chefs. 

The app, which is available on Android and Apple stores, was created with Bite Kite partner, Juggernaut, a technology solution provider powering On Demand Apps, based in San Francisco. 

Bite Kite gives its users the perk of having an enjoyable meal without browsing through extensive options. The pre-selected Bite Kite menu offers diverse cuisines ranging from Classic American to ethnic; with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options as well. Equally important to Bite Kite, they said in a statement, is the speed of delivery. All meals are delivered within 5-20 minutes of order confirmation. 

Bite Kite patrons can track their meals down to the minute on the mobile app. 


Speaking about the launch of Bite Kite, Founder of Juggernaut, Samar Singla said in a statement:

“We are thrilled at the formal launch of Bite Kite which is all set to transform the way people eat in Boston. We are standing at the cusp of a unique opportunity as the On Demand technology is revolutionizing the way how end customers interact with the service providers.” 

Bite Kite Co-Founder, Momtaz Moussa, followed with:

"The landscape of the culinary world is expanding and we believe Bite Kite’s environmentally conscious ideals, meal quality, and innovative delivery method will be a welcome addition to the scene. A partnership with Juggernaut is a great fit as we both venture forward." 

Bite Kite offers users a dining experience that bridges the gap between home-cooking or ordering takeout. 

Feel like a fresh cooked meal with the convenience of delivery? Download Bite Kite and give it a shot for lunch during it’s current hours of availability - Monday to Friday from 11am-3pm.

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