CxO Briefing: Knoq Founder & CEO Kendall Tucker

March 10, 2020

CxO Briefing: Knoq Founder & CEO Kendall Tucker

Polis, one of CNBC's top 100 startups, has rebranded to Knoq

Knoq is a technology company that encourages people to talk to their neighbors. Their technology recruits, trains and guides neighborhood representatives (Knoqers) to go out into their own neighborhoods and talk to people about products and services that can make their lives better. The company has grown 500% year-over-year and are hiring 200+ people this year.

We interviewed Kendall Tucker, Knoq's Founder & CEO, to discuss the new brand, plus: 

  • All of the details on Knoq and their technology.
  • The company's neighborhood outreach business model.
  • Growth of the company and future plans.
  • Hiring across the company.
  • Its culture and more!

Here is how Knoq is addressing COVID.


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