April 18, 2019

CozyKin Allows New and Busy Parents to Hire Nannies

If you are a parent with a demanding work schedule and don’t have daycare options, chances are you’ll need to hire a nanny to watch after your young children.

CozyKin gives parents in this situation an option to hire Montessori-trained nannies to take care of their children while they are out for the day.

We spoke with CozyKin’s Co-Founder and CEO Jeremy Au to learn more about the company and what inspired Au and his co-founder want to help new mothers. Au also went into detail on what the company is working on.

Also, CozyKin is hiring! Click here to see all of the company's job openings!

Keith Cline [KC]: To start off, I’d like to learn more about your background. What were you doing leading up to the founding of CozyKin?

Jeremy Au [JA]: I was President and Co-Founder of Conjunct Consulting, a social impact consulting platform that worked with hundreds of local education and community organizations. On behalf of the Conjunct Consulting community, I received the Forbes  “30 Under 30” honors in Asia.

While at Harvard Business School, I helped co-found Brave Becca, which is a children’s book that adapted Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In” for parents and young girls to learn how to improve their confidence.

I’ve always had a passion for mission-driven organizations, which lead me to co-found CozyKin with Tatyana Gubin.

CozyKin Founders (left to right): Tatyana Gubin and Jeremy Au

KC: Tell me the story of CozyKin. What was the aha moment?

JA: Tatyana and I came together to improve the lives of new mothers. We initially set out to alleviate postpartum depression in women, but we came to understand that new mothers were highly anxious about quality childcare and their return to work. This national shortage of quality childcare is not only bad for mothers but also bad for children, partners, and caregivers.

We observed many parents turn to nanny sharing, which is when two families hire a nanny to watch their children. Parents wanted personalized, quality childcare, to skip daycare waitlists, and forge community in their neighborhoods.

We saw the opportunity to make nanny sharing available to every family. In doing so, we create better careers for caregivers and build stronger communities. Our mission is to reimagine childcare for our generation.

KC: Why the name CozyKin?

JA: CozyKin means family. We grew up in families, and now we are building our own. We were children, and now we are raising our own children. Our children grow up in cozy homes filled with wonderful memories. Our children are beloved by kin, which includes parents, caregivers and the larger community of fellow parents.

KC: Who are your customers? What is CozyKin is solving?

JA: Our customers are parents who want the best for their children. We provide Montessori-inspired in-home childcare that brings together the best of both worlds: the personalization of a nanny and the socialization of daycare. We match families to create community, place them with a wonderful nanny and ensure great care every day.

Both families and nannies are curious about child development milestones, exploring new activities and better supporting children. We’ve been able to build upon our foundation and create an incredible experience that supports both families and nannies from the initial stages through their years-long relationship.

KC: What are some of the cool things you’re working on right now at the company?

JA: For new parents, the transition back to work after parental leave is hard. There are many options out there, and with options come a lot of logistics. We have a personal concierge that supports parents through the entire journey.

When we bring together two families who are compatible on the first try, we alleviate any apprehension and set the foundation for a relationship that will last years. Our proprietary methodology, matching, and facilitation has been honed by hundreds of matches and continues to improve rapidly.

We also knew that once the nanny share is at maturity, we had to create a seamless experience for communication, so we’re building our first mobile experience for parents and nannies to ensure a scalable solution that fosters the growth and success of the nanny share.

Through our new parent circle events, we build community and foster a sense of belonging. These events bring together new and expecting parents across Boston and New York to discuss topics like transitioning back to work after having a baby and balancing childcare and work. We’re thrilled to be able to facilitate these events and connect parents.

KC: Any (non-specific) growth numbers you can share? What comes next for CozyKin?

JA: We continue to make large strides in improving the experience of families and helping our children flourish. As a result, we grew 10X in Boston last year.

We are excited for the next chapter, where we expand services to New York City. With the growth we’ve experienced as a company, we continue to invest in technology solutions to help us serve our families and nannies even better. We’re also looking for talented people to help us reach our ambitious goals.

KC: What kind of positions are you hiring for right now?

JA: We’re hiring for a Senior iOS Engineer, a Senior Engineer, and a Matching & Analytics Lead. We’re looking for people who are passionate about children and quality childcare and want to be a part of the early tech infrastructure decisions. Our team is growing right now and it’s truly an exciting time to be at CozyKin.

KC: Any final thoughts?

JA: The CozyKin team is one of the most passionate teams that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. We are highly diverse and also come from a large variety of backgrounds, education levels, and professional experiences. What unites us all is our common passion to help children flourish while providing incredible experiences for families and nannies.

Keith Cline is the Founder of VentureFizz. Follow him on Twitter: @kcline6.
Images courtesy of CozyKin