April 6, 2015

Community Call: New Smart Exercise Bike Seeking Beta Testers. Offers Free Fitness Assessment

Among the tech world lately there has been a major movement around health and fitness. And for obvious reasons… It’s a massive market with a lot of room for improvement. 

Much of the innovation or focus has come through mobile apps tracking fitness (Lose It!, RunKeeper), corporate wellness programs (ShapeUp, Wellable) bringing employees together to attaing fitness goals, and platforms bridging the gap between patients and their doctors and support system (PillPack, MediSafe). 

One local entrepreneur is entering this market in a different form – a smart exercise bike. 

Siva Raj, who previously built a fitness app himself, has created a bike to track one’s fitness level, or, more specifically, aerobic capacity: Ability to supply oxygen to muscles during activity

As important as this information is, Raj says 90% of people have never tested their fitness in this manner. 

People everywhere are working hard to try and improve their health and fitness,. Frustration sets in when results stall out and the person feels as though they have plateaued. One problem, however is not knowing how to train properly. As Raj puts it, “we’re finding that if you train close to your personal aerobic capacity, even for short intervals, you’ll see a quick improvement” 

This is where Revvo, the smart exercise bike, comes in. 

Being built in Somerville, Revvo combines an exercise bike with a Bluetooth-connected motor and app to guide the user in his or her training and monitor their fitness levels. 

        Revvo. Smart Exercise Bike

Raj, who struggled with his own fitness and blood pressure told me he learned how to train properly back in 2013 and saw significantly improved results. This change is what got him motivated to help others. 

Now, with the help of outside health experts and his own years of experience working with exercise data, he is looking to help people test their fitness level. Before going to market with Revvo, Raj is seeking beta testers. 

Get Your Fitness Tested – For Free! 

Here’s where you come in… And benefit! 

Raj is opening up a public beta for Revvo, offering up a free fitness assessment. You can sign up right on the website. The test, which typically takes around 15 minutes will be held at Revvo’s shared office on Chauncy Street in Downtown Crossing. Today this could cost anywhere between $75- $150 at a fitness lab. 

We’re a community of entrepreneurs who love helping fellow entrepreneurs, right? Here’s a great opportunity be a part of getting a product launched, while also learning a few things, like your fitness level and how to improve you training! 

Here’s some examples of reports and analytics you’ll receive once you take the test.

      Revvo. Smart Exercise Bike
      Revvo. Smart Exercise Bike
      Revvo. Smart Exercise Bike

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