January 28, 2014

CloudLock Raises $16.5M Series C, Aims to Become Dominant Force in Cloud Security

This morning, enterprise cloud security company CloudLock announced a $16.5 million Series C round of funding led by Bessemer Venture Capital. Previous investors Cedar Fund and Ascent Venture Partners, who took part in the company's Series A and Series B rounds, also joined the most recent round of funding.

The company has it roots in Israel, where co-founders Gil Zimmermann, Ron Zalkind, and Tsahy Shapsa spent time in the Israeli Defense Force in various leadership roles in security, as well as elite engineering and software development units. Once the three graduated out of the IDF, they realized that they could bring some of the military-grade security that they had worked on and built in the IDF to various industries and commercial businesses. 

Zimmermann, Zalkind, and Shapsa founded CloudLock, then known as Aprigo, in 2008 with the mission of delivering better cloud data security. After a couple of years the company made a pivot and rebranded as CloudLock with a focus on cloud-to-cloud security.

Since then, the company has had what Shapsa called, "tremendous" success growing to over 600 customers.

CloudLock helps enterprises with secure cloud adoption strategies. The company's security SaaS works across multiple cloud platforms like Google Apps and Salesforce, and "allows customers to enforce their own security, governance, and compliance requirements, on their data and users in the cloud, without diminishing the functionality of the platforms they protect or disrupting the end-user experience."

Shapsa said that CloudLock had a lot of interest from the venture capital community, and chose Bessemer because they were "looking to partner with the right person on the VC side, and that is what we found with Bob Goodman and Bessemer." Shapsa also noted Bessemer's successful track record with cloud-focused companies such as Box.

CloudLock plans to use the new funding to expand to new markets, invest in current and in-development products, and expand its operations in the US, Europe, and Israel. The company has an audacious goal of becoming the ubiquitous force in cloud security. "Moving forward," Shapsa said, "we want to support any cloud application out there."

As he put it furhter, CloudLock aims to be "THE cloud data security company."

"Our goal is world domination," Shapsa concluded.

Dennis Keohane is the Senior Writer for VentureFizz. You can follow Dennis on Twitter (@DBKeohane) by clicking here.