Cloud Backup and Recovery Company Intronis is Growing and "Hiring Like Mad"

There are so many companies that are growing at a rapid pace in Boston, it is almost tough to keep them all straight. One that you may not be aware of yet is Intronis, the cloud backup and disaster recovery services company.

The company offers cloud storage/backup and disaster recovery services and solutions to managed service providers who, in turn, sell the software solutions and cloud storage to their small business customers.

The company was started in 2003 and has been a highly-regarded tool for IT managers and managed service providers because of its easy-to-use, yet effective, cloud services and disaster recovery tools.

When I recently spoke with Intronis's CMO Aaron Dun, he had just been at the company's board meeting and was excited with the its rate of growth this year. He told me that the company has been scaling rapidly starting in 2009 through this year, when Intronis brought on Rick Faulk as its new CEO in April.

Faulk has a track record of leading companies through phases of expansion, including stints in leadership marketing roles for Lotus,, and WebEx. As Dun said, "[Faulk's] goal is to build-on top of the bones of this company-a super innovative organization."

Dun believes Intronis is well-positioned to take advantage of the company's next phase of growth.

"We are doing a number of different things," he said. "At the core of our product is our 'Management Portal,' [which] allows our partners to manage their customers very efficiently and very effectively."

What differentiates Intronis, in Dun's opinion, is the ease of use for service providers and for their small business customers. "Cloud backup is that thing that you want to forget about until you need it; but then, when you need to recover documents or files, it absolutely has to work," he explained.

As for what's next for Intronis, Dun sees the company innovating to help customers in ways that they have never done before.

"A lot of times, small businesses aren't backing up enough," Dun said. "We are working on expanding our service area of what type of things customers can store." Additionally, he commented, "By centralizing all their storage with us, instead of several different vendors, they are able to manage it much more tightly."

In house, Faulk is trying to make the company as innovative as possible during this growth stage.

One initiative that he is leading is an inter-company "Shark Tank" contest. The competition is not just a friendly opportunity for its employees to have fun while creating the company's next innovative product either. Employees have a chance to pitch their cloud backup or recovery management ideas to a board of company executives with the winner receiving $10,000.

For Dun, Intronis's big push to be the industry leader in creating innovative technologies reflects what is happening in Boston.

"The innovation that happens in Boston is amazing," he said. "The pace of change and the access to smart people who really want to make a change is unbelievable."

We are pretty excited to be here right now," Dun added.

"One of the reasons why we are seeing our business take off this year is the fundamental alignment and a deeper understanding for where the value drivers are in our segment," he explained in reference to Intronis's growth and innovation push. "We are trying to supply our partners with a cost effective way to scale and grow their business."

"We want to be innovative in helping our partners and we want to be innovative ourselves," Dun concluded.

Intronis may not be sexy but they are providing a fundamental product for service providers and in turn, small businesses. As cloud backup becomes more ubiquitous and the most affordable option for businesses, Intronis will continue to innovate and grown.

Oh yeah, and hire.

"We are hiring like mad," Dun made sure to add at the end of our conversation. "There are a lot of growth opportunities here."

Dennis Keohane is a staff writer for VentureFizz. You can follow Dennis on Twitter (@DBKeohane) by clicking here.