Boston Startup Seeks to Improve the Weeknight Bar Scene. Launches Indiegogo Campaign.

“Tired of empty bars during the week? We're here to help!” 

Those are the words of BarUp, the app looking to improve the weeknight bar scene. 

Derived from a problem that faced a group of friends (who met while working at various Boston startups), BarUp started as a simple idea, and evolved into a viable product now utilized by bar-goers and many bars in and around Boston. 

BarUp, available in both the App Store and Google Play, helps pick and promote one bar each weeknight with the idea that those seeking to venture out on a school / work night won’t walk into an empty, boring venue.


Co-Founder and CEO, Jimmy Aird told me the team started working on the idea last Spring and officially launched at the end of August. Since then, they’ve had roughly 1,800 downloads and several partnerships with popular Boston bars and nightlife groups including, Sissy K’s, Sunset Grill and the Briar Group. 

The app notifies users around 9:00 each morning which bar they should plan on hitting up that night. Aird says BarUp takes into consideration suggestions from users when selecting the featured bars, but ultimately the decision is made in-house. 

Bars have the opportunity to partner with BarUp to offer specials and incentivize the app to select them on a given night. 

This past weekend BarUp launched their Indiegogo campaign, aiming to raise $20,000.

BarUp COO, Chris Bees, told me the money will be used to further develop that app, but mainly for marketing purposes. 

“We recognize a gap in nightlife and no one focuses on having a good time during the week. We’re looking to fix that. This campaign will help us spread the word and increase our user base.” 

The increase in user base will ultimately allow BarUp to expand its offerings as well. Rather than just one bar in the city each night, the app will eventually be able to break it down based on location; say across different neighborhoods in the city, or a Cambridge or Allston bar. 

To this point BarUp has only been available here in Boston, but next up is Washington D.C. Once 1,000 signups are gathered BarUp will officially launch in the nation’s capital. 

How can you help? 

Perks on the Indiegogo Campaign start at the $10 level and run up to $500, which will get you a dinner / night out with the BarUp team (drinks included). Other contribution levels will get you T-shirts and party related items, like shot glasses or a whiskey set. 

The campaign will run through the end of March. 

If you like to get out and enjoy the Boston (or DC) nightlife during the week, but feel the bars are lacking good crowds, check out BarUp and spread the word about their campaign. You’ll not only help a Boston startup grow, but also benefit from an improved weeknight bar scene.

Josh Boyle is Director of Community & Marketing, VentureFizz.  You can follow him on Twitter @jb_sid
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