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Boston New Technology Hosts First Startup Showcase of 2017

Six local entrepreneurs presented their companies to members of the Boston tech community as part of Boston New Technology’s monthly Startup Showcase Tuesday night.

As usual, each presenter was given five minutes to introduce their company and five minutes to field questions in rapid fire proceedings at Akamai Technologies’ Cambridge office.

“One of the biggest problems for early stage companies is awareness, so this gives people a huge audience,” Entrepreneur Chris Morden, who attended the event, explained. “You get lots of software developers, lawyers, engineering talent and people who are just interested in technology attending.”

With hundreds of people filling a packed room, the founders got a chance to show what they’ve been working on and network with people who may be facing similar challenges or work in related fields.

Boston New Technologies is a startup community of more than 13,000 technology enthusiasts interested in learning and supporting local startups.

Here's a recap of the companies that presented.

Wicked Bandwidth

Wicked Bandwidth is an internet service provider that offers fiber-based internet to local businesses. By targeting buildings that are underserved by the bigger companies, Wicked Bandwidth is hoping to be seen as a viable solution for predominantly small and medium-sized businesses. Just two years old, the company currently serves 12 buildings in the Seaport and Back Bay areas. “We’re not building crazy systems that go through a bunch of buildings,” Co-founder Mike Murphy said. “We also take advantage of some existing infrastructure, so we’re more efficient than the big players.”

Cover Photo:  Wicked Bandwith Co-founder Mike Murphy addresses the crowd.

Peddlir Marketplace

Peddlir Marketplace is a two-month-old eCommerce platform that allows small businesses to present their products to consumers looking to support local companies. Peddlir’s website lets users search and shop for products from stores in the area and have their orders shipped to them or scheduled for pick up at their convenience. Founder Ronnie Deaver said Peddlir brings the benefits of local marketplaces, like human interaction and building relationships, with the convenience of shopping online. “The whole digital world has really screwed over a lot of small business owners,” Deaver told the audience. “That’s what we’re trying to change.”

Founder Ronnie Deaver explains the problems Peddlir Marketplace is trying to solve.

Journal of Medical Insight (JoMI)

JoMI is a surgical video journal that films and publishes surgeries conducted by leading teaching physicians to educate current and future members of the healthcare community. Using up to ten cameras to create a “virtual shadowing teacher experience,” the edited videos are then posted online for peer review. After conducting a few small funding rounds, JoMI has partnered with some of the top hospitals in the area and is currently focused on orthopedics, orthopedic trauma and general surgery. 

JoMI Founder Nikita Bernstein presents to the crowd.

Brilliant NPS

Brilliant NPS is a survey solution for mobile apps. The tool works inside your app to allow users to give a ranking out of ten stars, add comments and even leave a rating in the App store. The entire service is based on the question, “How likely is it that you’ll recommend this product?” Founder Tom Boates said Brilliant NPS is different from typical Do-It-Yourself surveys because of the insights it gleans and the boosts it provides in the App store. “The data we gather makes this extremely valuable and the low cost means it makes more sense to work with us than to develop something like this on your own,” Coates said.  You can read our recent story about Brilliant NPS here.

Founder Tom Boates explains the Brilliant NPS solution.


Mate3D is a 3D printing platform connecting hardware, software and materials to bridge the gap between the design and manufacturing processes. The company, which is currently working with several fashion stores in Argentina (Founder Ignacion Lopez’s native country), seeks to mitigate the need for retailers to order things manufactured in China by letting them design their own products or take pictures and print things themselves. “Right now it’s hard for non-technical or even technical people to print something,” Lopez said. “We want to democratize the 3D printing industry by simplifying the process into two steps: Create and print.

Founder Ignacio Lopez shows the steps automated by Mate3D.


Skelmet creates glasses for people looking for customized wearables that fit according to their body’s exact dimensions. Using a scanner, Skelmet identifies 86 different key points on a person’s head and 3D prints sunglasses or regular glasses to fit perfectly. With the company’s first product launching in a month, Co-founder Rain Wang also said they’ve created the world’s lightest sunglasses. “Imagine a world where sizes no longer exist and everything is made precisely for you,” Wang said.

Co-founder Rain Wang maps out a volunteer’s face to show the customized solution.

Zach Winn is a contributor to VentureFizz. Follow Zach on Twitter: @ZachinBoston.