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AppNeta - Network Monitoring Solution for the Cloud-First World

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Technology is constantly evolving. In the past, companies needed to monitor their own IT infrastructure for bottlenecks and performance issues. Today, companies are leveraging the cloud for business-critical applications, so it's imperative to have a solution that allows you to monitor your infrastructure regardless of where your applications are hosted.

Enter AppNeta, a company that helps companies address this very challenge. We connected with Matt Stevens, AppNeta's Chairman, President, & CEO to learn more about the company and their solutions.

Alex Culafi: What's the history of the company?

Matt Stevens: AppNeta lives at the intersection of business critical applications and the networks that enable them - hence the name AppNeta. Since 2011, AppNeta has been committed to network monitoring from the end-user perspective. And as large enterprises moved to the cloud and started relying more heavily on SaaS applications, our technology provided them with the actionable network intelligence they depend on to run their businesses.

AC: Can you share the details of how your platform works and how you help companies?

MS: Critical business apps that are the lifeblood of many organizations are moving to the cloud. This means fast, seamless connections to these apps are vital to continuous, efficient operations. But network performance has become increasingly difficult to track, since the path to cloud-based apps relies on network devices outside of a company’s control.

AppNeta offers a network performance monitoring solution that goes beyond internal networks. We give companies deep, actionable insight into where and why bottlenecks occur, so IT can measure how cloud apps are performing from the end-user perspective. AppNeta pinpoints network issues along the entire journey, from remote offices to apps, so they can be resolved quickly, allowing users to work more efficiently and save money.

AC:  What are you most proud of about AppNeta?

MS: I’m most proud of the culture and the real sense of community. Tech companies are famous for promoting culture, benefits, and community, but AppNeta truly walks-the-walk on this one. Benefits aren’t just added because we need to keep pace, but because, at our core, we believe in things like transparency and trust. At every level of the organization, we promote open communication so that we can build a place that everyone wants to come to day-in and day-out.

AppNeta Culture

AC: What stage is the company at in terms of employees and growth?

MS: We have over 100 people at AppNeta, split between our Boston and Vancouver offices. We’re definitely still in a high growth phase, having made the Inc. 5000 list of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies for the fifth year in a row!

AC: What would people be most surprised to find in the AppNeta office?

MS: I suppose people might be surprised to see that we’ve got two huge cardboard cutouts in our office – one of Tom Brady, and another of Rob Gronkowski. They watch over us in our largest conference room, and bring that winning Patriots spirit to AppNeta!

AC: What's next for AppNeta?

MS: We’ve continued to move up market steadily over the past couple years as evidenced by having 4 out of 5 of the largest cloud providers and 3 out of 5 of the world’s largest companies (by market cap) as major customers. Our future lies solidly in bringing our unique performance insight to the large enterprise where complexity and scale prevent yesterday’s tools from delivering IT teams the insights they need to get ahead of issues with a “pre-active” approach.

AC: What types of positions are you hiring for?

MS: Right now we’re adding to our sales team, hiring for both Account Executive and Senior Account Executive positions, as well as Sales Engineers. We’re also hiring on our Customer Success team for Customer Success Managers. We like to hire team members that share our values of transparency, performance, and trust. If you think you could be a fit, we’d love to hear from you!

AC: Name one fun fact about an employee or your company.

MS: We believe in winning together, so we formed an office pool for October’s gigantic Mega Millions drawing. We ended up buying about a thousand dollars in lotto tickets between 46 people, and won over $10k! The odds say that’s 1 in a million. We think AppNeta is too.

AppNeta Team Photo

Alexander Culafi is a Staff Writer at VentureFizz. He also edits and produces The VentureFizz Podcast. Follow him on Twitter: @culafia.

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AppNeta provides proactive end user performance monitoring solutions for your business critical applications over any network.


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