November 15, 2016

All Set Takes the Pain Out of Hiring Home Services Pros

As any busy professional will tell you, maintaining a clean, well-kept home and yard is a lot of work. Juggle these tasks with a full-time job, family, and other obligations, and finding the time to complete chores like yard work, housekeeping, and the like can feel downright impossible.

It’s a problem the tech community is actively addressing, with myriad solutions and innovations out there to make maintaining a household a bit easier. Boston in particular has seen a number of startups aiming to make the upkeep at home easier. There’s HBS-born Hello Alfred, which connects users to their own home manager. And then there’s Renoviso, which makes buying home renovation products easy and affordable by allowing consumers to build customized orders online, receive professional measurements, and schedule delivery and installation.
Last year, another Boston tech startup entered the fold: All Set, a mobile app that connects users with local lawn care and cleaning services by tapping the pros their neighbors are already using.

“People have really busy lives right now,” said Erin Breslin, CEO of All Set. “With All Set, you [the user] can see who your neighbors are using and who they rate highly.

“You can manage all the communication, scheduling, and payments in the app,” she added. “It becomes part of your life in a simple and easy way.”


Launched in June 2015, All Set was born out of necessity. As members of the founding team moved about, they found it difficult to find trusted home services professionals, Breslin explains. They’d take to Facebook to ask friends for recommendations, but even then, that only solved half the problem.

“Even if you’re able to take the time and find that trusted provider, the communication aspect is still difficult,” Breslin explained. “Scheduling a call is tough, because house cleaners are busy during the day. It can be really difficult to get in touch and make that first appointment.”

It doesn’t end there, either. Processing payments can be a challenge for both providers and users, too. Many house cleaners aren’t set up to accept credit card payments, meaning the consumer has to remember to take out cash in advance or have their checkbook handy.

“A lot of the time, house cleaners have difficulty getting payments,” said Breslin. “What that does for their payables is challenging.”
The All Set app sets out to eliminate these headaches by offering an end-to-end solution that allows users to find, vet, communicate and schedule with, and pay home services providers. Its proprietary algorithm streamlines the vetting process, taking a geo-targeted look at providers already serving a user’s neighborhood to suggest reliable, highly rated professionals.


All Set also offers (and pays for) group buying discounts for neighborhoods, which ensures users are hiring trusted professionals while streamlining the provider’s schedule.The move not only makes finding a pro easier on the consumer, it helps drive efficiencies for the provider, too.
“One of the challenges home service professionals have is grouping jobs geographically to save time,” said Breslin. “Providers driving across town can lose one or more jobs in the same day [due to commuting].”
The company claims to be the only service that helps both the provider and the user. Providers who work with the app are given access to free leads and take advantage of All Set’s 4.95 percent commission rate, which Breslin says in the lowest in the industry. What’s more, when a provider’s existing customer signs up with All Set, he or she receives a $30 credit for services. At the same time, the provider is incentivized with $30, which All Set deposits directly into the provider’s bank account.
All Set currently operates throughout eastern Massachusetts, with coverage as far west as Southborough, as far south as Carver, and as far north as Groveland. VentureFizz readers are invited to test out the service for themselves by using code VENTUREFIZZ40 for $40 off your first home service with All Set.

Kaite Rosa is Director of Content & Marketing at VentureFizz. Follow her on Twitter: @KaiteRosa