February 2, 2016

8 of Boston’s Best Podcasts

Podcasts have made a resurgence, that’s for sure. The term was first used in a 2004 article by Ben Hammersley in The Guardian, but podcasts spent those first several years on the scene floundering a bit. Today, with binge-worthy mainstream series like Serial, podcasts are back - and in a big way.

We were inspired to pull together our own list of the best Boston-based podcasts after reading Director of Techstars Boston Ty Danco’s extremely thorough review of startup podcasts in his post Every Imaginable Damn Startup Podcast Reviewed on Insufficiently Edited. Our list is pretty thorough, featuring some noteworthy podcasts - and maybe a few gems you didn’t know about, too. We’re sure we’ve missed a few, though, so send us a note if you have some Boston-area podcast suggestions for us.

Here’s our list (in no particular order):


Tech in Boston, Dave Gerhardt

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Definitely one of the better known local podcasts, Growth Marketing Lead at Drift Dave Gerhardt’s Tech in Boston spotlights key learnings from those people creating some of the best companies here in town. Recent episodes include interviews with Attend CEO Matt Engel, Flybridge Capital Partners General Partner Jeff Bussgang, and HubSpot VP of Culture Katie Burke.

Traction, NextView Ventures

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NextView Venture Partners’ podcast, Traction, highlights the unique things entrepreneurs do to gain initial traction. It features interviews with founders from leading organizations including LinkedIn, Drizly, DraftKings, General Assembly, and more. (It’s also worth mentioning that NextView made it onto our list of Boston VC firm blogs you oughta bookmark.)

Ramp, InsightSquared

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InsightSquared’s Ramp podcast dives into how people use data to grow and transform their businesses. Interviewees include Joe Chernov, VP of marketing at InsightSquared and former VP of marketing at Hubspot, Matt Bellows, founder and CEO at Yesware, and Darlene Grant, VP of sales operations at Dyn.


Seeking Wisdom, David Cancel & Dave Gerhardt

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David Cancel, CEO and co-founder of Drift, former chief product officer of HubSpot, and serial entrepreneur, teams up with Tech in Boston’s Dave Gerhardt (who’s also growth marketing lead at Drift) for this brand new podcast, Seeking Wisdom. Each episode, Gerhardt interviews Cancel to uncover his wisdom and help listeners accelerate their learning. So far, there’s three episodes: an introduction, How a Modern Product Team Should Work, and The Secret to Becoming a Learning Machine.


Hallway Chat, Bijan Sabet & Nabeel Hyatt

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Hallway Chat is a casual podcast between Spark Capital’s General Partner Bijan Sabet and Venture Partner Nabeel Hyatt. The two tackle a bunch of tech industry trends and share their thoughts on topics like hardware startups, new mobile apps, tips, and lots more.


The Growth Show, HubSpot

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Come on, you know this list wouldn’t be complete without HubSpot. HubSpot’s business podcast, The Growth Show, is all about (you guessed it) growth - whether that be related to a company, movement, idea, team, or something else. The Growth Show’s recent episodes include topics like how to succeed on Medium, how Zappos built its company culture, and how Lyft is disrupting transportation through culture and hiring.


PulseTalks, Virgin Pulse

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Virgin Pulse’s first season of Pulse Talks focuses on creating and scaling great company cultures and includes interviews with Patty McCord, former chief talent officer at Netflix, Rich Sheridan, CEO and co-founder of Menlo Innovations, and Ann Rhoades, current board member and former EVP of People at JetBlue Airways.

UX and Growth, Matt Rheault, Austin Knight, & Geoff Daigle

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Another one from Hubspot, this time from a few individuals on the inbound marketing empire’s Design, UX, Growth teams. Matt Rheault, web and mobile developer, Austin Knight, UX designer, and Geoff Daigle, software engineer, regularly sit down to chat about user experience and growth tactics. Recent topics include personas, content, and growth marketing (featuring Anum Hussain, senior growth officer at HubSpot), site speed and how to improve it, and the death of creativity in web design.


Kaite Rosa is Director of Content & Marketing at VentureFizz. Follow her on Twitter: @KaiteRosa.