June 29, 2016

7 Ways Boston's Startuppers get More S#*! Done

Each and every day, we all face an endless barrage of alerts from our phones, email, and social accounts, questions from team members, and myriad other attention-grabbing distractions.

In fact, distractions consume over a quarter of the average person’s workday, with people switching activities as frequently as every three minutes. Hence why a quick Google search on the term “productivity” calls up an impressive 198M results.

As startuppers, you could argue we’re up against even more distractions - particularly those of us wearing multiple hats, working on small teams, or both. With that in mind, I reached out to some of Boston’s leading startup and tech company founders and executives to find out how they stay productive, where they feel most focused, and the various ways they hack their day to get more s#*! done.