5 Takeaways From "Success In Mobile" at Raizlabs

Last night we had a packed house for our Success In Mobile event. Greg Raiz, Founder & CEO of leading mobile development shop, Raizlabs, led a panel discussion around building a successful mobile-focused business.

Our rockstar panel was made up of industry experts and influencers in Boston's tech scene:

Brian Suthoff, Co-Founder & CSO, Localytics; Justin Robinson Co-Founder, Drizly; Michael Sheeley, Founder & CEO, Chef Nightly; and Josh Hale, VP of Product, Invaluable.

Huge thank you goes out to Raizlabs for hosting, Greg for moderating and all our panelists for cmoing out and sharing some knowledge with our community. Hat tip to ezCater and Drizly for helping out on our food and drink spreads!

Here are 5 takeways from last night's panelists!

Greg Raiz
Owning and operating a leading mobile dev shop, Greg has insights into the ins & outs of all things mobile. Or course, the man who carries around both an iPhone and an Android phone, is quite passionate about his industy and what's in store for it going forward.

"I'm super excited by ways that mobile can disrupt the normal ways that we do things. The on-demand-economy is one obivous example, but I genuinely get excited by all the other opportunities to shape the world through technology that fits in your pocket."

Brian Suthoff Localytics
As the founder of a mobile analytics service provider, Brian sees data across all industries, giving him a unique perspective of things that work and don't work from a broader view.

"If you're paying to acquire users we've seen spending a lot at once, rather than spreading out smaller amounts for a longer period, can give app's a push within the App Store. You're more likely to get a good response and, therefore be found."

Justin Robinson Drizly

When asked about scarcity of funding in Boston Justin broke out some facts (and opinions) about his company, Drizly.

"There's plenty of money out there; you just need to actually be solving a problem. Our first app was terrible! But we were generating real money and could prove we were giving consumers something they wanted. If you can show that to investors, you'll get funded."

Michael Sheeley Chef Nightly
There was a good discussion about the use of web for mobile-first companies and products. The variety of panelists provided different views (Drizly didn't have a website for over a year). Chef Nightly is all mobile, but Sheeley still sees the importance of web:

"Our website is essentially a marketing tool. The web is great for discovery - it's where people go to search for things, so you need to be found. If you're mobile-first use your site as a landing page to convince consumers to download and use your app."

Josh Hale Invaluable
We recently wrote about the record growth Invaluable is expericing in 2015. A key reason for this growth was thei implementation of mobile products starting Q4 2014. Now, 40% of Invaluable's traffic comes through mobile. Josh shared some further insight around that traffic.

"Not only is our mobile business highly engaging and responsible for a huge chunk of our traffic, but most of that is NEW traffic. Mobile is still reletively new, which means younger users and we've been able to capture that user base with our mobile strategy."

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