October 20, 2015

5 Boston Startups to Watch

I often get asked what startups have me excited or I think are going to make it.

Last night at the clypd open house party (have you seen their office?) I found myself in a few convo's about early-stage startups. A few were thrown at me that I didn't know, but now want to explore. It got me thinking about a few I'm excited about, but not everyone may be aware of. 

Here's 5 startups that fit that mold and you should check out if you haven't already

Baroo offers full service pet care, conveniently delivered to your door. No need to dash home for a mid-day walk or try to squeeze in a trip to the groomer, just tap a few buttons and they'll take care of that.  

I'm seeing a trend in PetTech (yes, PetTech) and founders Lindsay Hyde and Meghan Reiss have Baroo gaining strong traction here in Boston and now in Chicago.


HelloToken's product enables content producers to earn 10x more per visitor than ads and paywalls through a simple, one-click question that serves as a micropayment.

The whole paywall thing is brutal. The pop ads, especially video ads are not only obnoxious, but they're inneffective. Brian Truong and his team out of Harvard are fixing this!


Renoviso makes buying home renovation products easy and affordable by allowing consumers to build customized orders, receive professional home inspections and schedule delivery and installation, all online.

Construction, home improvement. DIY, etc., is a space that's been slow to adopt technology. Founders, Eric Horndahl and Brian Waldman are closing that gap. Love what they're going to pull off with this.


                  --- RELATEDBoston Startup Bringing Technology to Home Renovation Market ---

Chef Nightly is a new approach to food that combines a delicious selection of curated meals with your area’s best kitchens and top rated chefs that prepare and deliver them right to your door.

Listen, the whole on-demand food delivery thing isn't going anywhere. This isn't Founder Michael Sheeley's first rodeo and he's making some interesting tweaks in a proven space. They recently pulled in $1.5M so expect to hear more soon.

     Chef Nightly

CoPatient uses crowd-sourced data and a technology driven solution to identify billing errors and overcharges. 

This is another broken industry and this startup is helping people who need help the most, patients and cargivers. 


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