May 31, 2017

4URTIME – Connecting Personal Assistants To Help Busy Folks Manage Their Day

“My tagline for my entire career has always been, ‘I will share tools and ideas that help you manage your day by literally putting time back in your day,’” says first-time entrepreneur Colin Lake.

Colin Lake, Co-Founder and CEO of 4URTIME
Colin Lake, Co-Founder and CEO of 4URTIME

Lake worked in the financial services industry for a little over 20 years, working in sales and managing investments. “When I worked for RS Investments, I co-authored a book called Practice Matters,” Lake says. “It was about how advisors could find efficiency in their day.” The six-chapter book was a detailed layout of how to  implement or execute certain ideas in the workplace. “No matter how good the idea is, if you can’t use it, it’s a waste of time,” he says.

When RS Investments was bought out, Lake realized he could put what he learned helping clients’ manage their time into a business that solves the problem at its core. He noticed how small business owners may not have enough time in their day to finish what new feature they are working on for their company, but instead have to take care of errands, personal tasks or other jobs that they’re overqualified to spend time on.

Lake got in touch with his former financial services co-worker, Rich Davoli and met veteran Microsoft developer Mahesh Chand. The three of them decided to take the plunge and in July of 2016, 4URTIME was founded.

4URTIME is a service app which allows users to find and connect with a certified, fully insured Personal Assistant (PA). Through the app, a user can select a particular errand or task for the PA to accomplish. They can range from grabbing the groceries, picking up dry cleaning, to managing last minute travel plans (or changes) etc. The app itself is currently exclusive to the iOS, but the company is developing an Android version.

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What sets 4URTIME apart from similar services, such as TaskRabbit, is the personal connection the company makes with the personal assistants. “We personally interview and vet each personal assistant using 4URTIME,” Lake says. By getting to know the PAs, the company can find the right the person for the job, as opposed to just hiring some random Personal Assistant on the spot.

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Aside from making schedules easier on those who need it, Lake wants to create opportunities for other freelancers by opening up the door to market themselves to other outlets. “Currently, we are working with a company called TruTelic to building a user interface for the Personal Assistants to market their practices,” Lake says. “We want to contact freelancers and on-demand workers to use the platform to have their own website, marketing and blogging tools. All of it can be done in one place.” While this side of 4URTIME is still in development, Lake and his team are determined to change the way the on-demand market works.

For any early-stage startup, working long hours is to be expected, but sometimes an errand could get in the way of progress. 4URTIME is available for those who need to take care of time-sensitive tasks. “I am of the opinion that this time management issue grows worse each day and has no cure insight,” Lake says. “There has to be something that helps minimize or eliminate these time management woes. We feel like we’re part of the solution.”

Colin Barry is a contributor to VentureFizz. Follow him on Twitter @ColinKrash.

Image courtesy of 4URTIME.