January 29, 2016

4 Boston VCs With Top Notch Blogs

Last week, we highlighted a few Boston VC firms that are running top of the line blogs. While a lot of individual VCs have shifted to this corporate strategy, there are still many who are keeping up their personal blogs on topics relevant to the Boston tech and startup scene.

As promised, this week we’ve pulled together a group of Boston VC bloggers who are really nailing blogging. We aimed to focus on those whose content errs more on the side of thought leadership rather than promotional, and is updated on a fairly regular basis.

This isn’t meant to be a comprehensive list - just a sample that caught our eye. So, in no particular order, here are four Boston VCs who are putting out great content on their personal blogs.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 2.48.37 PM.png


David Skok of Matrix Partners’ Boston office runs this one, and it’s clear he invests a lot of time and effort into it. The site’s layout is clean, modern, and easy to navigate.

Skok isn’t the sole contributor (a few other bylines are featured) - and Matrix does link to it on the firm’s homepage - but he’s definitely the primary writer. The topics he covers are, like his site’s name suggests, for entrepreneurs - like “What’s your TRUE customer lifetime value (LTV)? – DCF provides the answer,” “Setting the Startup Accelerator Pedal.”

The blog has received some notable recognition, too. forEntrepreneurs tops both Forbes’ and Inc.’s list of websites for entrepreneurs (no big deal).


Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 2.49.36 PM.png

Seeing Both Sides

Jeff Bussgang, partner at Flybridge Capital, takes a no-frills approach when it comes to his blog. Operating off a TypePad platform, his blog’s design offers no bells and whistles. No matter, though, as his content is frequent and the topics relevant.

His posts don’t stray far from the VC world - you won’t find any posts about his weekends or family vacations - and strike a nice balance between useful advice or interesting insights (“The Secret Weapon to Scaling: Sales Operations”), and promotional content about Flybridge (“New Year, New Fund”). He’s got a good cadence going on too, with new posts appearing every other week or so.


Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 2.49.18 PM.png

Jo Tango VC

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in a VC’s mind, this one’s for you. Out of Kepha Partners in Waltham comes Jo Tango, whose blog couldn’t be more different from Bussgang’s. Name a topic and he’s probably blogged about it. (Fly fishing? Yup - see here. Social justice? He’s got that too.) Next to “Personal,” the two categories he most frequently contributes to are “Entrepreneurship” and “Technology and VC.”

Tango updates his blog very often - nine posts this month, as of publication. Usually, he’s writing about his personal life, though he typically tries to connect those topics with his readers, even if tangentially. Do a little digging and you’ll find some real gems: like this one on how to negotiate a term sheet and this one on determining the “business of your business.”


Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 2.48.09 PM.png

The Slow Hunch

Here’s Boston-based Nick Grossman, general manager at New York City’s Union Square Ventures, with his blog that strikes an excellent balance between work and play. He’s coming back from a recent blogging sabbatical - there were no new posts between September 15 and January 4. 

Since returning from his hiatus, he’s published six new posts as of publication. Of those, two are personal. One candidly explains why he put blogging on the back burner (some tough family stuff), and another is about his love for hockey and includes photos of his son and late uncle. The others focus heavily on tech - specifically data, the infrastructure of the internet (which is primarily what Union Square Ventures invests in). He’s also just launched a separate blog, but claims he’ll continue to update this one too.

Kaite Rosa is Director of Content & Marketing at VentureFizz. Follow her on Twitter @KaiteRosa.