May 9, 2016

3 Thought Provoking Reasons Why Marketing is the New HR

The similarities between HR and marketing are growing, the lines are blurring, and there are today a significant number of transferrable skills between both functions.

In today’s post, there are three areas I want to look at that specifically highlight how the two areas are so similar. Let’s dive in.


Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) is a marketing principle that describes the progression or phases a customer goes through. In the simplest terms, it’s how a business attracts, acquires, on-boards, engages, grows, and retains customers.  

What a minute, what did I just say? Isn’t that the same principle used by human resources to attract, acquire, onboard, engage, grow, and retain customers? (I hope the answer is YES!)

What I love about this model is that it is simple. It puts the customer (or employee) first and helps break down any siloes or fragmented thinking, and aligns an organization on the collective goal. Lifecycle Management helps create “A Team of Teams” (great business book by the way) by helping to break down the complexities and working relationships between sales, marketing, and account management. The same can be said in Employee Lifecycle Management with recruiters, business partners, and leadership development.

Here are two tips for HR folks about why you ought to consider Employee Lifecycle Management framework:

  • It will resonate with your business leaders, especially if you work in technology or a SaaS based business. It’s a way to connect with your customers (literally - externally or internally) in their terms without using stereotypical “HR-hooey” that historically has had executives rolling their eyes. Try it. It will build credibility.

  • This model puts your employees (or customers) first, while simultaneously placing accountability and laser focus over each phase of the lifecycle. That of course fosters stronger management and insights - and that means better results. You can plan and review metrics and data to inform decision making, spend, change, and optimize performance in more valuable ways.


Modern technologies and platforms are allowing marketers and HR teams to tap into innovations that drive engagement, create great experiences, and collect hordes of data and metrics. In turn, this lets us better understand our prospects, our candidates, our customers, our employees (ok, you get the point).  

At Endurance (which recently acquired Constant Contact), we have more than 5M small- and medium- sized businesses that turn to us to help them engage and grow their businesses. Seriously, check out the awesome infographics below to look at the similarities between marketing and HR technologies.   

How will all these innovations impact HR? HR people will have to continuously learn and adapt how to get more and more comfortable with technology and data.

For the rising millennial generation in the workforce, this won’t be a problem. But for many of us Gen Xers and Baby Boomers, we are going to need to continuously work at it. Personally, I’ve made it a point for my team and I to stay up to date on latest news, trends, workshops, and events surrounding HR and engagement-related technologies. We will have tools and resources available to us in HR that we never had before.


I know a few HR executives who grew up through marketing or held big marketing jobs before ever making the leap to HR. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the connections between the two industries. But it wasn’t until an HR friend of mine shared that he was rolling up through sales and marketing that I ever looked at a side-by-side comparison. See below.

A side-by-side comparison of HR & Marketing

Very similar, right?  Kind of eerie if you ask me.

Here’s my advice about marketing’s impact on HR: Embrace it! These transferrable skills and blurred lines can create great opportunities in career development for HR and marketers alike. The more synergy the better for everyone, and likely the better investment in people - which is what drives our business forward.  


Marcus Tgettis is the Vice President of Global Talent at Endurance International Group. Follow him on Twitter: @marcustgettis

Image via Shutterstock