January 22, 2016

3 Boston VC Firm Blogs You Oughta Bookmark

Not long ago, it seems every VC had their own blog, operating off platforms like TypePad and Tumblr. Fast forward half a decade or so and we’re seeing less individual blogs. Instead, more VC firms are aggregating partners’ individual contributions on one company-wide platform - a move that benefits both the VC bloggers and their readers.

As any content marketer will tell you, blogging takes a lot of time, attention, and planning to be done well. Shifting away from the individual approach and to a firm-wide strategy means that VCs no longer have to carry that content machine alone.

It also means that, as VCs continue to build their own personal brand, they’re driving greater awareness of their firm - and traffic to its site. What’s more, regular posts from other partners and contributors helps free up a VCs’ resources. And a corporate blog’s steady stream of content benefits readers too - cutting back on some of those month-long (or more!) lapses between posts and giving them regular access to useful information.

Today, in no particular order, we’re highlighting a few Boston-based VC firm blogs that - if you haven’t already - you’re gonna want to bookmark. While company achievements are always worth highlighting and celebrating, we tried to keep the focus on those blogs doing a bang up job covering a range of topics and offering tangible, useful guidance to the Boston startup community on a semi-consistent basis.

So, without further ado, here’s our list of Boston VC blogs you oughta check out:

1. NextView Ventures

NextView Ventures’ blog sets the bar pretty high. Its strategy is on-point, with frequent updates (five posts in January as of this list’s publication) on topics including hiring and talent, startup stories, marketing and growth, and more.

What’s really great is that NextView’s content goes beyond just your standard blog posts. Partner David Beisel recently published an ebook, “How to Find the Perfect Startup Job”, and VP of Platform Jay Acunzo hosts and produces “Traction,” the firm’s podcast featuring the founding stories of companies like LinkedIn, DraftKings, Drizly, and more.

2. Collective Wisdom

No, this isn’t a media site. It’s Founder Collective’s blog. The site’s design alone makes you want to keep scrolling, and headlines like “How to Build a Badass Brand on a Startup Budget” pretty much guarantee you’ll get and stay engaged.

Collective Wisdom’s content spans all formats (video, podcasts, blog posts) and covers topics like fundraising, startup wisdom, management, and more. The site launched back in September and there hasn't been any updates since. However, according to Partner Eric Paley, there's "much more to come on Collective Wisdom. We are just getting started."  So stay tuned. Meantime, check out Eric's guest contributions on TechCrunch.

3. OpenView Labs

Another group that clearly gets the benefit of blogging. Out of
OpenView Venture Partners, OpenView Labs not only features actionable insights and advice from the firm’s partners, but its list of regular contributors includes well-known thought leaders like Jeff Sutherland, Mike Volpe, Ann Handley, and Steve Blank.

New posts are added often (as in, every day last week), and headlines like “Stay on Target: How Star Wars Can Inspire International Growth” and “Learning to Take the Lead: Why Sometimes it Makes Sense to Ignore Your Customers” take unique angles on topics relevant to its B2B audience.

Just because some VCs now take a company-wide approach to blogging doesn’t mean individual VC bloggers are (metaphorically) dead and gone. Stay tuned, because next week, I’ll highlight some of the Boston VCs who are still taking a solo approach to blogging and cranking out some serious content.

Kaite Rosa is Director of Content & Marketing at VentureFizz. Follow her on Twitter @KaiteRosa.

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