April 8, 2019

17 Successful Alumni of Microsoft Startup Labs

Microsoft Startup Labs (which was later named as Microsoft FUSE Labs - Future Social Experiences) was an innovation group based in Cambridge that was focused on experimenting and generating new product ideas for the tech giant, that could later become scalable projects on their own.

Microsoft Startup Labs was founded by tech industry luminary, Ray Ozzie, a serial entrepreneur who took over the role of Chief Software Architect from Bill Gates in 2006. 

Several of this group's alumni have gone on to start other companies or have become part of the leadership team at other Boston tech companies. Below is a slideshow which highlights several successful alumni of Microsoft Startup Labs

For this slideshow, we used the following criteria:

  • Tenure at Microsoft Startup Labs for at least one year
  • Currently a founder, board member, or executive (director or higher)

Take a look at the slideshow below!

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