August 16, 2015

10 Boston Healthcare Tech Companies to Watch

Boston is just scratching the surface with its impact on healthcare - thanks to our city's innovators

Home to some of the greatest hospitals in the world, Boston has been on the map as a leader in the healthcare space for as long as anyone can remember. People travel the globe to be treated at MGH, B&W and the like. In part, these healthcare institutions are a key reason why entrepreneurs find themselves settling down here to startup and grow game changing technology companies. The healthcare industry has long been lagging on the tech front. Doctors are still using fax machines!!

Recently, Jack and I were talking shop and ruminating about Boston startups that excited us. We both found ourselves spitting out healthcare companies - early-stage and well-established. So, we decided to take it a step further and each select our top 5 Boston based healthcare tech companies.

Here Goes!
Boston Healthcare Startups

Jack's Picks! @JackMulvaney9

WHY: Paying medical bills isn't a pretty picture and most people don't know that you can negotiate them

paying medical bills, CoPatient, Boston

CoPatient’s mission is to become the consumer’s trusted advisor for managing and minimizing healthcare expenses. CoPatient uses crowd-sourced data and a technology driven solution to identify billing errors and overcharges. By providing an expert advocate, CoPatient corrects billing mistakes and starts saving you money right away.

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Careport Health
WHY:  Combination of marketplace dynamics with healthcare outcomes.

Careport Health, Boston, MA

CarePort enables hospitals, health systems, and accountable care organizations to optimize post-acute outcomes and costs by guiding patients across the care continuum and tracking their recovery in real-time. Their interactive, patient-centered platform enables patients and families to find high-quality post-acute care providers to fit their needs.

Lose It!
WHY: Summer isn't over yet-there's still time to get in shape for the beach!


top boston healthcare companies, LoseIt!

Lose It! uses proven principles of weight loss (tracking and peer support) to help people manage their weight and improve their health. Originally created for the iPhone in 2008 (and downloaded by more than 12 million people), Lose It! is now available on Android devices and the web.

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WHY: Outcomes, outcomes, outcomes! 

top healthcare companies, Curaspan

In 2001, Curaspan was the first to automate the patient transition process. Today, its secure Web-based tools help the top healthcare providers to automate, collaborate and optimize clinical and financial outcomes throughout the transition of care process.

Cure Forward
WHY: Gives patients battling cancer a greater stake in their treatment and more rapid testing. 

top healthcare companies, Cure Forward

Cure Forward’s clinical trial exchange empowers cancer patients to make their genomic data available to trial recruiters across the country. So trials can be filled and new treatments can reach the market more quickly.

Josh's Picks! @jb_sid

WHY: Two things here. 1 - The problem they're solving is aggravated and needs fixing. 2 - The founder will get it done. As I put it when I profiled Zoe Barry and ZappRx in May; spend 30 seconds talking with Barry and you’re sold – on whatever she’s selling (click to Tweet).

          ZappRx Zoe Barry

ZappRx provides a secure collaborative online platform that allows patients, physicians and pharmacists to work together to improve patients’ access to treatment, delivering medicine faster, with fewer hassles and greater transparency.

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WHY: This one has to do with experience around a broken industry. Its time caregivers and patients get modern day tools to help them through their difficult times. Battling health problems is challenge enough, communitcating with health professionals shouldn't be.


With Wellframe’s Intelligent Care Management Platform, organizations can deliver complex care plans to patients on their mobile phones in an easy to follow, personalized “health checklist” that dynamically adjusts, based on patient adherence. Clinicians communicate with their patients through a HIPAA-compliant channel from Wellframe’s web-based Clinician Dashboard, which also provides real-time insight into their patients’ health.

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WHY: If you've ever experienced organizing large amounts of medications, you'll understand why this one is so useful. They also just raised $50M in June!

 PillPack Somerville

Pharmacy Simplified. PillPack leverages service and technology to simplify the management of complex medication regimes for the 32 million people taking more than 5 medications a month. PillPack uses design to create an unparalleled patient experience that is both satisfying and effective. 

WHY: Another Boston startup putting much need tech tools into the hands of patients and caregivers. This one combines benefits of PillPack and Wellframe!


Medisafe is the leading cloud-synced platform helping patients stay on top of all their medications. Way more than a pill organizer (although it’s that, too), Medisafe makes it easy to adhere to the most complicated medication schedule. But that’s just the beginning. Medisafe connects users to their family (and soon, their doctors) for support, encouragement and expertise. 

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Iora Health
WHY: Completely rebuilding an entire, broken system... Go Get 'Em!! They've also raised nearly $50M, with the latest $28 million round coming earlier this year.

 Iora Health

Iora Health is building a new model of primary health care delivery from the ground up. The Iora model of health care changes everything – payment, staffing, processes, IT systems, and culture. Their goal is to dramatically improve the experience and quality of care for everyone.

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