Hi! Welcome to SoWork, where our mission is to move work from the Earth to the Cloud. We are a super tight-knit team, founded at Harvard.  We're out to build a massively multiplayer online workplace to power the new world of work.

As you're undoubtedly aware, the shift to remote and distributed work has unveiled some serious problems in communication, teamwork, culture-building, productivity, and collaboration, on even the best teams. Perhaps surprisingly, many of these problems mirror issues that gamers have solved in order to work together online for gaming (particularly in MMO-land). So, we're out to apply proven gaming principles to the business world to make remote, distributed, and hybrid work wonderful. The winners at the end of it all will be all of us as people, as well as our planet. Check out more on this on our blog: https://medium.com/sowork-metaverse.

Recent News: Sophya Lands $15M To Build SoWork, The Metaverse’s Coworking Ecosystem


We have an intense culture of personal and professional growth. We operate as a single unit of disciplined, focused warriors. On our team, there is no me over we. If you are aiming to join this team, please double-check that your motivations are team-first, and ask yourselves these questions:

  • Do you believe in our mission? (Mission: to move work from the 🌎 to the ☁️).
  • Are you ready to receive and take part in personal growth that you will not receive at any other company? (trust us on this one...).
  • Are you ready to commit to working like an elite sports team, where you grow just as much as the company does? The NZ All-Blacks are part of our inspiration (and we have two kiwi co-founders...whaaat!?).

Still with us? Okay, here's what you'll find on Team SoWork

  • Personal and professional growth is the thing we take the most seriously. You're going to be challenged every single day. Better buckle up.
  • Weekly games and massive, company-wide Haxball tournaments.
  • A super-fast-moving, nimble, high-growth team where 1 day feels like 1 week elsewhere.
  • A globally distributed team: we span 9 timezones from the North American west coast to southeastern Australia.
  • Teammates with insane, wild, brilliant ideas working in a cross-functional environment that supports getting those ideas into the wild.
  • Memes, memes, and more memes. Also, memes.
  • In case it wasn't clear: you can work from anywhere. We'll be jelly if you're on a floatie above a coral reef. Pics or it didn't happen tho.
  • Values
  • Benefits

What we care about

  1. Helping work be awesome

    People spend 80% of their lives working, and that time should be as delightful as possible. We built Sophya to help people smile, make friends, and feel good while working.

  2. Helping people live flexible lives

    We think that people deserve to live the lives they want to. So we’re on a mission to unlock as many people as possible to work from anywhere.

  3. Our only planet: Earth! 🌎

    The more we can help online and remote work be great, the fewer miles of commuting, cars, parking lots, and downtown cores there have to be. That’s good for the planet.


    Our Core Principles: 

    • Balance polarities
    • You are a constant work in progress
    • Take extreme personal responsibility
    • Hack speed AND quality
    • Find a way
    • Give benefit of the doubt
    • Our team over me
Competitive Compensation
Health, Vision, Dental Insurance
401k with a company match
Generous PTO policy
Uber Eats Monthly Stipend
Paid Holidays
Work From Anywhere
Flexible Work Schedule