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Soofa, headquartered in Cambridge, MA and started at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), develops loveable technology to enable smarter placemaking. Founded in late 2014 by three female engineers, Soofa has deployed smart urban furniture in 100+ cities across the United States.

Soofa’s flagship solar powered park bench charges phones and allows owners to activate and understand their spaces. The recent launch of their second product, the Soofa Sign, an off-grid digital community bulletin board furthers their mission to create urban ecosystems that inspire.


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We launched the Soofa Sign end of last year and have a lot of work ahead of us to define strategy, roadmap, and feature definition. It can be anything we want it to be, and we have already tested three different applications: transit, advertisement and social content delivered through API's. We love them all but it is time to make some strategic decisions based on market research and forecasting. Soofa is proud to be in the midst of various stakeholders and brining them together. This makes this position both very challenging and exciting. There is no ONE persona or user, but many....
Product Management
We’re looking for an experienced and passionate Sales Lead who can both close large deals and push an Account team to provide exceptional service. You’ll work quickly and efficiently while building lasting relationships to grow our customer base and team.  What you will be doing: Create and convert leads, establish and maintain a pipeline of quality opportunities, and generate revenue to exceed your targets. Execute plans to identify, develop and maintain key relationships in your targeted account/segment. Manage complex sales cycles and multi-stakeholder deals...
Sales & Business Development
"Anything that can be written in Javascript, will be written in Javascript." At Soofa, we love Javascript! We have four Ember frontends in production and a backend built on top of JS microservices that handles data analytics, product operations, and all of our sign content. So, if you're excited about building mobile apps that will go in front of real users, we got that. If you're excited about Big Data and using it to solve real-world problems, we got that too. We're looking for someone with deep Javascript experience who can do all of the things and hit the ground running: - You'...
Software Engineering/QA
We’re looking for an experienced and passionate Project Coordinator to lead the rollout of new Soofa products to our growing list of customers. You’ll work quickly and efficiently while ensuring customer are excited about the launch of their Soofa products. Reporting to the VP Operations, you’ll work closely with all groups in Soofa to deliver outstanding service, solid consultation and unparalleled products and service to our customers. You’ll build smart cities! What you will be doing: Provide end-to-end implementation support to...
Customer Success
We’re looking for an experienced and passionate Customer Success Coordinator to ensure that our assets in the field are up and running and our customers are promoters of the Soofa products. You’ll work quickly and efficiently while coordinating the activities in the field. Reporting to the VP Operations, you’ll work closely with all groups in Soofa to deliver outstanding service, solid consultation and unparalleled products and service to our customers. You’ll be the glue that holds it all together! What you will be doing:...
Customer Success
We’re looking for an experienced and passionate Clerk/Office Manager to administer much of the clerical accounting tasks of Soofa as well as the basic administrative function of our growing office. You’ll work quickly and efficiently while ensuring procedures are followed, Quickbooks is in order and that the team is fully supported. Reporting to the VP Operations, you’ll work closely with all groups in Soofa to generate PO’s for new products, coordinate payments to our vendors and administer our financial systems so that we have accurate records. What you will be...
Corporate Functions
Local businesses are the lifeblood of a city.  We’re looking for an Account Executive to help community members to share their story and promote their business on Soofa Signs across the United States. Focused on generating healthy community content, you’ll give an outdoor voice to the businesses, organizations and citizens who’ve never really had one. You forge great content that citizens will love, be inspired by or change their path for! You'll provide a consultative approach to every sale and work with each client to determine their business's needs and aspirations,...
Sales & Business Development
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February 1, 2018
What comes to mind when you think about signage in Las Vegas? Do you think of something big, bright, and flashy? Do you imagine it telling you about an upcoming show at a nearby hotel or a special deal at a club or casino down the street? Do you think of it as advertising entertainment for out of town visitors? Do you think of it serving as a tool that helps build a more livable community?By now you’ve likely envisioned a picture of gaudy neon signs along the Las Vegas strip, which is understa...
September 11, 2017
Smarter parks are responsive parks; they let us know when and how they’re being used, what’s working well, and where there are opportunities to improveLast month, we spoke on the Tech Innovations In Parks panel at the City Parks Alliance Greater and Greener Conference in Minneapolis. We were thrilled to share the stage with Los Angeles Recreation and Parks, Denver Parks and Recreation, and the Land Art Generator. The panel was moderated by our good friends at the National Recreation and Par...
August 8, 2017
Sensor data revealed pedestrian activity peaked between 11am and 4pm in Boston along the race route on Marathon Monday. But that’s only the beginning, see what else we learned.We studied the Audubon Circle intersection along the Boston Marathon race route, about one and a half miles from the finish line on Boylston Street. Using our Soofa Pro sensor we found that the peak time on Marathon Monday attracted more than 7X the number of people who normally pass through the intersection during the ...
August 8, 2017
“We felt the permanent infrastructure approach was cost prohibitive and had no data to support a return on investment. During the time of the study, new Soofa technology came to light that is a much more modular approach, smaller in scope and will provide an incremental approach to provide service in the area.”— Andy Hume, Downtown Planning and Development Coordinator, Las Cruces, NMInstallation At A GlanceProject Start Date: March 2017Products Deployed: Soofa Bench Pro, Soofa Core Pr...
August 8, 2017
The NYC Department of Small Business Services recently launched the fifth round of Neighborhood Challenge, a competition designed to invest in community-based development organizations who partner with technology companies to create and implement tools that address neighborhood scale issues and opportunities. Soofa was invited to participate and collaborate.Since 2012, the Neighborhood Challenge and its preceding competition, BID Challenge, have funded 27 projects from 240 proposals for a total ...