Sonian preserves, protects and presents the world’s information.



201 Jones Road, Suite 110
Waltham, MA 02451

Company Overview

More than 25,000 customers in 43 countries trust Sonian’s secure proprietary platform to retain, retrieve and surface critical data and protect intellectual property.

Founded in 2007, Sonian is the only pure public cloud information archiving company, providing services that are easy, flexible, actionable and reliable for OEM partners and their end customers. Sonian allows companies to preserve, analyze and access their electronic communications for legal, regulatory and continuity purposes while gaining organizational insights.

Open Jobs

What is it like to work at your company in terms of your culture? 

At Sonian, we’ve assembled a highly-skilled, passionate team driven to build the most efficient communications aggregation, preservation and analysis platform in the world. We love solving engineering problems in simple, elegant ways, and view the design of our products as a true differentiator, building products people love and want to engage with.

Sonian is a highly collaborative work environment which is reflected in our new, open office which encourages employees to engage with their peers. Having a partially remote development team, we are mindful of making them feel present in our office even when they’re not here. We have large monitors in every space so that we can easily engage with our remote team and we’re big users of collaborative technologies such as Slack. Employees at Sonian have tremendous faith in their peers and as a result, we are able to do great work together.

What’s the best way to get a job at Sonian? 

We are always looking for innovative people who will challenge the status quo. If you’re interested in working at Sonian, we’d love to hear from you! We like to see samples of your work along with your resume. We’re looking for people who can think like the customer to build software that’s easy to use and provides tremendous value to the user.

You can see all the current career opportunities at

Don't see a role that's the right match? Email your resume to and tell us about your career objectives. New opportunities are always being created.

What can someone expect during the interview process? 

We take candidates through a collaborative interview process that includes a presentation of their skills or portfolio so we can learn about them and their work style. You’ll also get the opportunity to tour our office and meet some of our team members.

We’re also looking to see if you’re a good fit for the culture here at Sonian and give you the opportunity to get a better idea of what it’s like to work here.

Are there any favorite activities that the employees do outside of the office? 

Once a month one of our departments signs up to host a themed social night with catered food and activities. It’s an opportunity for us to let our hair down, and enjoy some great food and beverages. We have a cornhole set in the office, and games (especially the annual tournament!) can get pretty competitive.  

A lot of planning goes into our annual Meetups, and we organize lots of activities outside the office which in the past have included kayaking trips, F1 racing, paintball, scavenger hunts, attending the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, game nights (we love games here!) and trivia competitions to name a few.

Teams will often organize their own outings at other times during the year as well. We like to have fun at Sonian and bonding as a team outside of the office is an important part of that.

Do you have any unique benefits or perks?  

Our employees enjoy a flexible schedule, great benefits and state-of-the-art equipment in a casual team environment. Nearly half of our team is remote and employees who work from home get a home office stipend they can use to improve their working environment. Sonian employees get health insurance on day one and we have an unlimited vacation time policy, a 401K plan and much more.

What’s on tap or in your fridge? 

We keep a running Google sheet which employees can contribute to so your favorite snacks, fruit, coffee, energy drinks, breakfast foods and more are always stocked in our new kitchen and two fridges. Our kitchen also features an espresso machine and seltzer dispenser and is periodically stocked with homemade hot sauces.

We have a dedicated beer fridge with plenty of meat-and-potatoes macro brews as well as a carefully-curated selection of the best craft beers. We have a few employees who stock it with special treats from Vermont breweries from time to time as well!

Michelle Drozdowski
Senior Product Manager

As a Product Manager at Sonian, I’m not only contributing to the development of an innovative product that solves real problems for our customers, but I get to do it alongside a group of exceptionally talented, intelligent people.

Rebecca Peng
Marketing Co-Op

Sonian has given me the opportunity to develop real world skills and gain invaluable experience in all facets of marketing— knowledge way beyond what I could’ve learned in a traditional classroom.

Ron Toland
Senior Software Engineer

The company’s focus on pair programming gives me the chance to learn on a daily basis from the strong dev team they’ve assembled here. To top it off, I get to work from home, which means I can work from anywhere, on a product I can be proud of.


Open Jobs


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