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SnapApp Company Overview

SnapApp helps marketers get the leads that sales wants. We provide a platform that enables marketers to discover the criteria for a sales-ready lead, execute marketing programs with interactive assets, enable their sales teams with better prospect insights, and track and report results across every stage of the process.

SnapApp uses question-based interactions to create a dialogue with prospects that engages them and uncovers intent to buy. The questions are defined by your sales team based on their qualification criteria. Highly qualified leads are passed to sales with rich context for follow up conversations that drive opportunities forward and increase revenue.

Backed by Providence Equity Partners, SnapApp has hundreds of customers including Paycor, Cisco, CEB, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Blackbaud, and more.

Jobs at SnapApp

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Working closely with members of the marketing team and other stakeholders, this role will develop and execute campaigns for both SnapApp prospects and customers. The data-driven practitioner is passionate about owning and executing marketing programs that deliver strong results, cares deeply about campaign measurement and success metrics, and is eager to try new things. This isn’t your first rodeo and you’re excited to bring your experience and ideas to this opportunity. The Marketing Programs Manager will be responsible for creating and managing digital content campaigns to support...
SnapApp is helping marketers deliver the leads that sales want by engaging prospects to uncover buyer intent. As a leader in the rapidly evolving MarTech landscape, SnapApp offers a SaaS platform for marketers to do this without the need for custom development or agency resources. We’re looking for a Business Development Representative (BDR)to fuel our next level of growth! If you’re a high-energy, motivated self-starter, this opportunity can help you unleash your career by becoming an effective and successful sales professional utilizing a consultative sales approach. The BDR...
Sales & Business Development
33 Arch Street
Boston, MA 02110

We Put Our Customers First
Our customers are part of the Snapster family. Everything we do from the product to sales is about making them successful. They are our inspiration, and through our work, we hope to inspire them.

We Are One Team
We know the key to our success is creating a culture of unity. We work together, across departments, every day to share ideas openly, and learn from one another to build, market, sell, and support a great product that makes marketing better. It doesn't hurt that we hire great people.

We Are Open and Honest in Our Communication
Both physically, with our open-office environment, and psychologically, SnapApp believes in removing communication barriers so we're all on the same page.

We Aspire to Greatness
We never settle for less than our best effort and we work to inspire those we come in contact with to achieve greatness as well.

We Have Fun
From "Snappy Hour" and weekly company lunches to take-what-you-need PTO plan, we have fun! We take time to stop, relax, and have fun inside and outside of the office.


August 15, 2019
B2B marketers need to adopt a customer-centric approach with their content and campaigns in order to succeed in today’s competitive business market. When shopping for new products or services, consumers expect a personalized experience that makes them feel heard, supported, and valued. According to data from Accenture, 81 percent of consumers want brands to understand […] The post How to Use Conversational Marketing to Engage Prospects and Generate Better Leads appeared first on SnapApp....
August 13, 2019
B2B marketers rely on lead forms to identify prospects and capture their contact information. In fact, half of all marketers say that lead forms are their primary source for generating leads, according to HubSpot. In many organizations, leads that complete a form are deemed qualified, simply because they went through the process of submitting their […] The post How Marketers Can Optimize Their Lead Forms for Better Conversions appeared first on SnapApp. ...
August 8, 2019
Some people might say that sales and marketing are from different planets. Today many teams measure themselves against misaligned goals, barely communicate, and then wonder why they aren’t driving the kind of results they want. Tightly aligned sales and marketing teams… Generate 208% more revenue from marketing Improve their sales win rate by 38% Drive […] The post Do Your Marketing and Sales Teams Need Couples Therapy? Use These Steps to Improve Alignment appeared first on SnapApp...
August 6, 2019
SnapApp’s mission to help marketers generate better leads and a stronger pipeline for sales means that while marketers are the primary users of our platform, we also make tools to enable their sales teams. This week we join the Outreach Galaxy, the exclusive collection of integrations for Outreach. SnapApp will now integrate with Outreach—the leading […] The post Outreach Users Can See What Their Leads Are Thinking with SnapApp appeared first on SnapApp. ...
August 1, 2019
As a demand gen marketer, you’re responsible for building a pipeline your sales team can turn into revenue. You send over MQLs based on forms completed, events attended, white papers downloaded, or some combination of activities that yielded the right lead score. But sales keeps striking out when they follow up, and they blame marketing. […] The post Why Asking the Right Questions Is the Secret Sauce of Effective Lead Qualification appeared first on SnapApp. ...