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Smartvid.io Company Overview

Smartvid.io’s software enables builders to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to reduce risk on their projects.

Like a “virtual safety inspector” our safety monitoring solution plugs into existing sources of photo, video and project data and automatically detects safety hazards on your jobsites. Smartvid.io creates an automated safety risk assessment report that enables cross project benchmarking for leading risk indicators. Getting started is easy with pre-built integrations to Autodesk, Procore, Egnyte, Box, OxBlue and other project data sources.

See it in action at www.smartvid.io.

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At Smartvid.io we’re united by a common goal—building a photo and video management platform that leverages machine learning to solve industrial-grade problems. Our vision is simple to explain but hard to do. To execute on this concept, we’ve convened an experienced team of enterprise software engineers, machine learning specialists, and sales and account managers.

Smartvid.io's team brings a track record and passion for solving complex problems in elegant ways that deliver unparallel user experience. The founding team has worked together in various software companies for over 15 years, helping to change the way people work. Most recently, the team started Vela Systems which pioneered the use of mobile technology in the AEC industry (architecture, engineering and construction), growing to thousands of deployments all over the world before being acquired by Autodesk (now known as BIM360 Field).

Our company values and cultivates an environment of open communication, frequent cross functional teaming, a bias towards getting things done, and a diverse, down-to-earth, and fun bunch of people.


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Talent on the Move
November 30, 2018


September 23, 2020
Insurance rates have been rising for quite some time, and, by March of this year, it was clear that construction had entered a hard market. In a hard market, rates increase while claims adjusting becomes more strict. Unfortunately, the situation hasn’t improved. In fact, it’s gotten worse.  In Q2, the average premium for all forms of commercial insurance grew 10.8%, a higher rate of increase than we saw in both Q1 2020 (9.3%) and Q4 2019 (7.5%). This is a challenge for gene...
September 16, 2020
In June, Smartvid.io began tracking regional COVID-19 safety compliance benchmarking data as part of a larger working group, whose other members include Procore, Oxblue and Multivista. Together, we’re tracking various aspects of construction during the pandemic to share market data and intelligence with the goal of helping keep jobsites open, productive, and safe. ...
September 14, 2020
I recently recorded a webinar with two executives from Warfel — VP of Operations Conlan Swope and Senior Director of IT Phil Weaver — to discuss how they approach safety during the pandemic and, specifically, how they’re using Smartvid.io to reduce the risk of transmission on their jobsites....
August 18, 2020
We introduced the first results of our COVID-19 safety compliance benchmarking data at the end of June. You can take a look at the full results by clicking through to our June 30 blog post, but briefly, compliance with glove wearing at 90% or more in all regions. Mask compliance, too, was high, with the West, Midwest and Northeast at more than 80%, and the South lagging a bit behind at 72%. Social distancing, however, needed improvement, especially in the South, where just 57% of the...
July 23, 2020
Successful construction managers care about jobsite safety. After all, their job is to lead a team that transforms huge quantities of material into real estate. It’s a dangerous and complicated task, but the best managers know how to deliver a high-quality project while sending onsite workers safely home each night. ...