Simon Data is building a next-generation customer experience. 

Data is the heart of a modern marketing organization, but making customer data actionable is still a challenge. Simon’s customer data platform allows businesses to unify all their data and execute cohesive personalized campaigns across every channel by integrating seamlessly with every tool in the marketing tech stack. ‘

- Unify all of your data

- Create, deliver and measure cohesive personalized messages across all channels

- Experiment and optimize to drive results 

Simon sits on top of your marketing tech stack , giving you the ability to create a bespoke single customer view that incorporates all of your customer data. . Simon then allows you to execute data-driven workflows and triggered messages across all of your marketing channels in a single cohesive voice.


At Simon, we firmly believe that business success starts with and ends with the people. The best people do their best work when they are surrounded by other friendly top performers who want them to succeed. This attitude is core to our values. When you trust your employees, support them, and give them ownership, then great things happen.