Renoviso makes buying professionally installed home renovation products easy and affordable.


2 South Market Street
Boston, MA 02109

Company Overview

We are Renoviso, a well-funded Boston-based consumer internet startup completely transforming how homeowners complete home renovation projects. We’ve got an enormous vision to build a special company and have had impressive early adoption. Our founders have proven track records building high-growth Internet companies and great teams.

Renoviso is a service transforming how homeowners complete renovation projects via technology, transparency, and an amazing customer experience. Homeowners can get customized online pricing on products from the best brands in home improvement, including professional measurement and installation. Renoviso provides custom online prices and expert installation on windows, roofing, patio doors, entry doors, flooring, and siding projects. 

Renoviso handles the entire renovation process through completion, all at a great price. This unique approach has produced exceptional customer reviews from homeowners.

Renoviso is based in Boston and backed by Bessemer Venture Partners, NextView Ventures, RRE Ventures, NextGen Venture Partners, and a group of highly regarded angel investors including Fabrice Grinda and Niraj Shah, CEO of Wayfair.

Open Jobs

Paul Buonopane
Head of Marketing

I joined Eric and Brian because I share their desire to create the "next great" Boston-based consumer internet company and to build it for a really basic reason: to help people. Those two things are important to everyone here.

What I love about this place is that we have hustle in our DNA, we have fun in the office, and we're a "yes" environment. I know that sounds cliche for a startup but it's true. And it needs to be because we have an ambitious plan to create something that doesn't really exist. We're building a technology-enabled service that empowers homeowners to complete renovation projects through a transparent and easy e-commerce model. 

I love working in the home improvement space because homes are very personal and important to everyone. But how we renovate them is largely still stuck in the past. We as a team love coming up with ideas that make the process easier and more worthy of the 21st century. It's rewarding and we genuinely have fun doing it. 

Graham Bartlett
Software Engineer

The processes and procedures employed in the home renovation industry are fairly antiquated, and technology has yet to have a major impact in any area of the industry.  As a software engineer at Renoviso, it’s pretty amazing to walk into work and know that you’re building and contributing new technological tools that are making a real difference in people's lives.  We are using some of the latest technologies to empower homeowners and to create internal tools that facilitate our operational processes.  

But its not just the things we build that gets me up everyday.  I get to work with a team comprised of highly intelligent, motivated, and innovative individuals.  At Renoviso, I’m encouraged to share my thoughts and ideas.   When you get to work with great people in an agile and collaborative environment, work isn’t so much like work anymore, but more like a passion.




Open Jobs


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