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Rave Mobile Safety Company Overview


Rave Mobile Safety provides the leading critical communication and data platform trusted to help save lives. Rave connects millions to those trusted to protect them, by providing innovative solutions to prepare better, respond faster, and communicate more effectively during emergencies.


Our customers include thousands of public safety agencies and institutes of higher education. From universities with 100,000 students to small private institutions to 9-1-1 centers handling millions of emergency calls for service, we are privileged to work with dedicated campus and public safety officials across the country. We’re inspired every day by our clients' dedication to enhancing the safety of their constituents and are committed to providing our clients with the best technologies to support their mission. We are proud of our industry leading client renewal rate and the impact we`ve had on improving safety and helping save lives.

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Agile ... Scrum ... Product Owner ... Do these words resonate with you? Can you help us maximize the value of the product resulting from the work of the Dev Team? If so, you could be a fit for Rave's Product Management team. As an Associate Product Manager, you will work cross-functionally across our organization and interact with customers, prospective customers and end users. You will conceptualize, design, and monitor the delivery of new and existing features while staying abreast of market and technology trends. Working within Raves tight-knit product team, you will learn and grow...
Product Management
It is rare to work at a company where you can help make a difference, even help save a life, and feel a sense of pride and accomplishment in your work. Here at Rave Mobile Safety, you will have that opportunity. Our suite of products are designed to foster quick, relevant, and actionable communication during times of high stress. Keeping people safe is our business. Rave is seeking a self-motivated Customer Support Engineer with strong technical software skills. You should be passionate about improving public safety, innovative technology, and creating great software. We continue to...
Customer Success
492 Old Connecticut Path, 2nd Floor
Framingham, MA 01701

At Rave, we encourage an atmosphere of respect and trust, where across all levels of the organization people feel empowered to make decisions, are comfortable making mistakes and willing to challenge the status quo. Our core values are help guide our decisions and how we treat one another.

- Let Your Yes Be Yes
- Treat Others As You Want To Be Treated
- Innovate
- Remain Humble
- Have Fun

Sasha V.
Community Marketing Manager

I love being part of the Rave team because we are making a difference in the public safety world. It's been an awesome experience for me!

Radhika R.
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

I take great pride in my work because I feel like I am doing my part to keep communities safe by making sure our products work the way they're supposed to.

John W.
Senior Architect

I get up every day and come into work knowing that the software I write matters.  Rave’s customers help save lives, and my code helps them do that. It’s more than just writing software.  It’s an opportunity to make a difference and feel empowered to be the best developer you can be.


October 22, 2019
Workplace safety is top of mind. Businesses and companies are expected to provide a safe workplace environment free of known safety and health hazards. When a workplace is safe, employees feel more comfortable, productive, and are less likely to miss work. According to the National Safety Council, every 7 seconds a worker is injured on the job. That means 510 people are injured an hour, 12,600 a day, 88,500 a week, and a shocking 4,600,000 workers are injured every year. ...
October 22, 2019
The Joint Commission is an independent, not-for-profit organization that “accredits” more than twenty-two thousand healthcare organizations and healthcare programs in the United States. Joint Commission accreditation is a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to meeting certain performance standards and therefore accreditation is highly sought and - once achieved - highly prized....
October 21, 2019
In 2019, Pennsylvania passed a law requiring stronger sexual assault reporting on campus, giving colleges and universities one year to develop online reporting systems to receive complaints about sexual assault from students, faculty, and staff, according to the Associated Press. Reports, including anonymous submissions, must be investigated, according to the college or university campus policy, which the law also requires schools to create. In addition to improving the way Title IX ...
October 18, 2019
Forbes compiled 5 ways to secure your business during hurricane season, from risk assessment to business continuity plan. The ethics of using facial recognition in schools are delicate, as systems which monitor the behavior of students have drawn privacy concerns and critics. Efficient Gov published a guide for finding and securing fire safety grants for education, sharing local, national, non-profit, and corporate opportunities. In New Jersey, one hospital is combatting healthcare w...
October 17, 2019
K-12 schools across the United States are putting lots of funding and training into school safety and keeping students, staff, and faculty safe during emergencies. Students are often expected to move quickly during fire drills or taught to run, hide, or fight in case of an active assailant, but what if they can’t do any of those? For some students these requirements can be extremely challenging, or even impossible. Parents are beginning to worry that their children with disabilitie...