QSR International develops, markets and distributes world leading qualitative research software and services. A privately owned company with offices in Australia, the UK, the USA and Japan, we are the market leaders with over 1,500,000 users spanning more than 150 countries. QSR software users are traditionally from the academic sector, although the company is positioned for strong growth within the government and commercial sectors.


At our core we are an innovation driven, fast-paced team environment with a high performance culture. This culture is built on employees engaging in and demonstrating our shared beliefs through their everyday work. At QSR we:

  • Think - Think big – there’s no too hard basket
  • Dream - Dream big be curious, always question to find solutions
  • Voice - Contribute honestly, listen respectfully and embrace decisions as a team • Learn - No one is above it all – we can all learn more together
  • Unite - We are a global team, sharing ideas and knowledge to grow, ensuring customer success