Founded in 2014, Purple Carrot is a plant-based meal delivery service on a mission to empower you to eat more plants.

We’re making it easy to cook innovative, delicious, plant-based meals to power your day. Each week, pick from our high protein, quick and easy, gourmet meals. We’ll send you the recipes and ingredients so you can get cooking!

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We’re Cultivating the Plant-Based Revolution

We believe big changes start with small seeds. Plants don’t grow overnight and there are fits and starts, what matters is that we stick to it even when the going gets tough. We believe in breaking boundaries. We’re not doing what’s typical, we’re doing what works for you. We're pro-plant, not anti-animal. When it comes to plant-based living, we’re realistic. Eat what you love, but eat more plants.

Since October 2014, Purple Carrot has grown significantly with increasing revenues, new subscribers, and national reach. We are looking for hardworking individuals who take pride in having fun and have a passion for startup culture. From sip and spin nights, to our annual day of service in the surrounding community, we work to live and yet live to work because we're doing what we love.

  • Values

We are a team of ENTREPRENEURS, empowered to take risks that will create a sustainable business model.

Take smart risks. Be bold. Think big! Playing it safe is the easiest way to hide. We all want to be inspired by each other.

BALANCE. We recognize this is a marathon, not a sprint.
Everything you do at Purple Carrot has an impact on our future–this is your company, too! We embrace a culture dedicated to maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Have fun and enjoy the experience.

INTEGRITY AND TRANSPARENCY. We engage in open, honest, and constructive communication with our coworkers, partners, and customers.

Everyone is responsible for contributing to and continuing our team culture.