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ProfitWell Company Overview

For forward-thinking recurring revenue businesses who value growth, ProfitWell provides industry standard BI solutions that improve your retention and monetization automatically through unmatched subscription intelligence. 

ProfitWell serves over five thousand subscription companies, including B2B companies like Autodesk, Atlassian, and Zuora, and B2C darlings like Meetup, Blue Bottle Coffee, and Lyft. 

ProfitWell’s suite of subscription solutions  include:

  • ProfitWell Metrics - Free, absolutely accurate subscription financial metrics

  • ProfitWell Retain - The market’s top performer in automatic churn reduction

  • Price Intelligently’s Monetize - Fully managed monetization intelligence for continual price optimization

  • ProfitWell Recognized - Big four audited subscription revenue recognition


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At ProfitWell, customer experience is core to everything we do. Our Product Team's top priority is to make our customers successful and to ensure that their experience using ProfitWell is delightful, by delivering high-quality, speedy, personable and conversational support. As a Customer Success Manager, you are responsible for the success of our customers. This is a demanding role that requires a unique skillset. As the voice of ProfitWell, you will act both as an advocate for our product, and as a champion for our users. Your job is to ensure that ProfitWell customers have the best...
Software Engineering/QA
To empower the entire subscription industry to grow, we need to create content that will engage our target audience and drive awareness to our offerings. The right person for this role will be able to come into our fast-paced environment, learn our products and mission in no time at all, and work directly with the CEO to build out and execute on our content strategy. What you’ll be doing: Leading our content program, which includes managing internal and external writers, along with concepting and writing compelling content for a variety of platforms including blogs, website...
It's not just about pushing code. It's about pushing high quality code that sets the product apart and defines the ethos of the experience of the product. You'd rather take an extra 30 minutes to work out a better process than simply wait for all of the bugs to appear. Of course, there are times bugs teach you an even better way of solving the problem and the way forward is simply relentless execution. No problem shouldn't be considered and your teammates enjoy working through them with you. It's not personal, it's all about creating the very best product possible. If this is you, come join...
Software Engineering/QA
Are you great at building relationships? Do you love data and presenting it to others? Smirking a bit because those first two questions seem too on the nose? Then you may just be a perfect fit for the Client Strategist role at ProfitWell. As we grow, our current customers are valuable resources for future engagements and we want to nurture these relationships in a fun and thoughtful way. That’s where the Client Strategist comes into play. You should be a natural at establishing rapport, asking questions, and building meaningful relationships to the benefit of both our customers and...
Client Services
To empower the entire subscription industry to grow, we need to communicate in a way that translates our value. The right person for this role will be able to come into our dynamic environment, maintain an insatiable urge to learn, and positively evangelize our mission to generate leads and sales in the center of the SaaS universe. As a Business Development Representative you’ll be on the front line leading the top and middle of the funnel charge in our growing sales team, specifically focused on moving our leads to first calls, and our first calls to opportunities. If that doesn't make...
Sales & Business Development
As an Account Executive you’ll lead our bottom of the funnel charge in starting our customers on their journey to a successful, growing relationship with ProfitWell. Given our product and position in the industry, you’ll learn more about growing a software company than anywhere else while you maintain a consistent track record of unapologetically exceeding your quota. The right person for this role will be able to come into our dynamic environment, learn our products and mission in no time at all, and start selling to qualified opportunities by evangelizing our mission to software...
Sales & Business Development
As a multimedia intern you will work with our show and creative producers as well as the CEO and other members of the team to research, write, produce and edit videos for screen and web. We’re building a something really cool - check out a recent video here. What you’ll be doing: Camera work and post production on real content starting day 1. Utilizing tools like Adobe Products-Experience using Dropbox, Google Docs, and/or similar products to complete projects. Creating video content that represents ProfitWell to be used for various projects. Overseeing projects from conception to...
The pricing analyst is responsible for supporting the Pricing team at ProfitWell. The main responsibilities of the Pricing Analyst are: - Communicating with clients via email and conference call - Creating summary documents for the purposes of client education - Creating surveys for the purposes of data collection - Consolidating and analyzing data collected from surveys in Microsoft Excel - Developing pricing strategy recommendations based on data analysis Main Responsibilities Communication: Strong oral and written communication skills are required...
Client Services
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Our culture runs deep. It begins with saying, “Hi!” in the morning while wenmake our coffee. It’s woven into our team standup meeting by celebrating the previous week’s successes and failures. It manifests itself during our team retreats when we play games for four hours straight or we spend an evening talking about where the team and the company is heading in the next year.

We’re all in. The leadership team is committed to empowering the entire team to do their best work. Through weekly one-to-ones to mentor introductions, all team members are given the tools necessary to excel. We know that happy customers begin with people who love to do their job. You can expect the same treatment when you join our team that we give to our highest value clients.

Best of all? The whole team is your hype man.

At ProfitWell, we know how important each team member is and what a team of talented people can accomplish. It’s how we got to where we are today and it’s single-handedly the only way we continue to achieve in the future.

We’re hungry. We’re excited. And we’re building something big.


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Gone on a YouTube binge lately? Fallen down the rabbit-hole of celebrity interviews, cat compilations, or music videos from your favorite band? Did you know you can pay for all that?...
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Think about your first cup of coffee of the day. Whether it's a drip mug at home, a Starbucks cold brew on the way to work, or a fancy pour over from the hipster shop down the road, coffee is the beverage that gets us through the day. With the increased popularity of high-end coffee over the past several years, you'll see more and more companies moving toward the nebulous idea of subscription coffee. It's a relatively new pricing strategy for such a commoditized product, but the subscription eco...
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Proper time tracking and scheduling is the key to actually getting work done. When you're offering a service that's so vital to the everyday running of a business, it's important that your customers know what they're paying for. For TSheets and Deputy, that means packaging the right way and making sure your per-user pricing aligns with customer expectations. ...
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