PreVeil makes encryption usable for CMMC & ITAR compliance, business and personal use. PreVeil’s encrypted email works with existing apps like Outlook or Gmail, letting users keep their regular email addresses. PreVeil Drive works like DropBox for file sharing, but with far better security. All messages and documents are encrypted end-to-end, which means that no one other than intended recipients can read or scan them—not even PreVeil. PreVeil is designed for both small teams and large enterprises.

A new approach to information security.

Most business communication contains sensitive information, yet despite massive losses to cyber-thieves, very little of this communication is secured because current approaches aren’t good enough.

A new paradigm is needed, based on 3 key principles:

1- End-to-end Encryption, 2- No Central Point of Attack, 3- Ease of Use

Recent News: Editor's Choice for Best Email Encryption Service for 2023 (PCMag)


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PreVeil offers a rare opportunity to join a founding team, solve really interesting technical problems, collaborate on a project that millions of people will trust, and work with people who have a track record of building successful businesses.

If you’re passionate, super-smart, world-class at what you do, fun to work with, and are looking for the thrill and financial rewards of building a great company, we want to talk to you. PreVeil benefits include competitive salaries, meaningful equity, unlimited vacation and sick days, a kitchen stocked full with snacks and drinks, and  top-notch health care plans.