A scientifically-validated, subscription-based workforce assessment platform, The Predictive Index empowers organizations across all industries to understand what drives their people. Our revolutionary talent optimization framework uses the PI Behavioral and Cognitive Assessments ™, comprehensive workshops, and expert consulting, to help organizations like yours generate the insights necessary to create a critical link between business strategy and people strategy.


We are Pioneers

Our success relies on the success of our people. At The Predictive Index, we want each employee to bring their whole self to work. PI is a place where people with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives collaborate on amazing, important work. Pioneers drive innovation with their passion and energy to make each day better than the last.

We are best in-class

The Predictive Index builds teams of top-performers. From day one, we give Pioneers a top-notch onboarding experience to set each person up for success. We also offer opportunities for career and professional development, mentorship, and a comprehensive benefits package.