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PatientsLikeMe Company Overview

PatientsLikeMe, the world’s largest personalized health network, helps people find new options for treatments, connect with others, and take action to improve their outcomes. The company has worked with every major pharmaceutical company and a range of government organizations to bring the patient voice to research, development and public policy. With 500,000 members, PatientsLikeMe is a trusted source for real-world disease information and a clinically robust resource that has published more than 100 research studies.

PatientsLikeMe is now a central part of iCarbonX's Digital Life Alliance, which is working to combine biological and patient-generated data with artificial intelligence technology to more rapidly detect meaningful signals about health, disease and aging, deliver a personalized guide for living a healthy life, and help industry learn even more about how to improve outcomes, and lives.

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Analytics/Bioinformatics Scientist/Sr. Scientist We are excited to announce that we are growing our team and are looking for a highly motivated Scientist or Sr Scientist to join the Biocomputing/Analytics group at PatientsLikeMe and iCarbonX. Our team is in in the extraordinary position to be building a massive health data set, as we are adding longitudinal multiple-modality -omics data to our unique patient-reported health data. The Biocomputing and Analytics group is heavily involved in laying the foundation of this project and a successful candidate will have the...
Data Science / Machine Learning
We're looking for a Salesforce engineer to join our team in Cambridge. You'll be working with our existing engineering team to get datain and out of Salesforce and to help our Marketing team with ongoing communications. We use Health Cloudand Marketing Cloud and are planning on significant Salesforceimprovementsover the next 12 months. You'll work on a small team (a few engineers, a product manager, a designer and a QA person) in a highly collaborative manner. We have all of the usual tech company amenities: beer, a very active ping pong table, a roof deck, and free lunch on Fridays....
Software Engineering/QA
Sr. Manager, Business Intelligence and Analytics Are you passionate about using data to inform product and business decisions? Do you want to work on a product that makes a positive impact by helping users better manage their health?Join a team of product managers, marketers, designers, and customer experience experts that are using data and design research to make informed decisions that build better experiences and products across web, iOS, and Android technologies, and in the real-world while face to face with our customers. To be successful, you likely have great...
Data Science / Machine Learning
The Senior Software Quality Manager manages the Software Quality group at the Boston-area Facility to develop and implement strategies and policies consistent with Company Goals in an ever-changing regulatory climate. The Senior Software Quality Manager ensures that Corporate Software initiatives are delivered in a compliant and timely manner and that strategies, SOPs and development processes are understood and executed. This position ensures compliance in a fast evolving developmental, medical device, clinical laboratory and commercial environment. The Senior Software Quality Manager will...
Software Engineering/QA
Mobile Engineering Manager Join our team! We get to measurably improve the lives of real people with real diseases, and regularly talk to our users. Collaboration is a core value. Youll work with the usual Product and Design teams, but should also expect to interact with Marketing, Customer Support, and senior leadership Our mobile apps are less than two years old, so theres lots of opportunity, and not much legacy code. We have all of the usual tech company amenities: beer, a very active ping pong table, a roof deck, and free lunch on Fridays. What...
Software Engineering/QA
Product Analytics Manager Are you passionate about using data to inform product decisions? Do you want to have a positive impact on the world by helping users better manage their health? Come join the PatientsLikeMe Product team where you will work directly with Product Manager to help ask the right questions and find the answers. See your analysis influence the decisions engineers, designers, and marketers make to improve our products across the web and mobile platforms. To be successful, you likely have great analytical skills and problem-solving savviness. You have a...
Product Management
As a Research Registry Operations Director of DigitalMe, reporting directly to the Head of Biocomputing and Principal Investigator for the program, you will be a leading force among a creative and matrixed team of dedicated scientists, product developers, and patient community experts to lead the instantiation and growth of the DigitalMe longitudinal cohort program that collects and analyzes experiential, environmental, biological (omics: RNA and DNA sequencing, immunosignatures, metabolomics, proteomics and other molecular measures) and medical data to create a digital avatar of the...
Data Science / Machine Learning
The health care system doesn't work for patients. But you can help change that. PatientsLikeMe is leading the social medicine space by focusing on the sharing of real-world data. If you want to work with great people for a well-funded startup on a web app that matters, we want to talk to you. Come make a difference in patients' lives with us! Were looking for a Senior Cloud Data Architect to help us design and build our overall data platform strategy. The ideal candidate will have the necessary technology, communication and leadership skills to hands-on manage highly visible and complex...
Software Engineering/QA
Digital Marketing Manager PatientsLikeMe is looking for a talented and driven Digital Marketing Manager to develop, implement, track, and optimize our advertising program across all digital channels. You will work with the brand and creative teams to optimize content based on continuous measurement and experimentation to achieve our objectives. You will create, launch, and update ads and monitor and report the performance. Often well have specific short-term goals and it will be your responsibility to know if we are on pace to achieve them. You should be super organized and...
160 Second Street
Cambridge, MA 02142

Your opportunity: do good, feel good

photo of a group of employees participating in the ice bucket challenge

Lots of companies say they're mission-driven, but at PatientsLikeMe, it's in our DNA

The work we do is challenging, rewarding, always evolving, and often complicated. But it's never boring. This is your chance to join a close-knit gang of smart, passionate people who are as excited as ever about changing the future of healthcare. And we're growing like crazy. Join us and we'll make that future together.

photo of the three Heywood brothers

Our story

Inspired by their brother Stephen's journey with ALS, Ben and Jamie Heywood, along with their longtime friend Jeff Cole, created PatientsLikeMe as a health data-sharing platform.

Our innovative technology helps patients improve their outcomes by connecting with and learning from thousands of others just like them. In the process, they donate what we call data for good. That's real-world information that helps healthcare companies create better healthcare products and services based on real patients' needs.

photo of the PatientsLikeMe team of advisors

Our work helps 500,000+ patients with 2700+ conditions live better, together

We're transforming how patients manage their own condition...

photo of garth

Garth, living with cancer

"It certainly doesn't help me to keep my symptoms or my side effects secret. I feel that I owe other patients my experience. If I donate my data, if I share with an organization that can put it together and see a pattern... I'm helping all of the patients."

photo of letitia

Letitia, living with epilepsy

"I've made it my passion to share my story and resources with others who are suffering and/or know someone who is suffering from uncontrollable seizures and epilepsy."

…and changing the way the industry conducts research and improves patient care

photo of nature magazine

The lithium study

In a groundbreaking study spearheaded by ALS patients, we analyzed the effects of lithium carbonate on ALS. Our findings refuted the results of a major clinical trial — an unexpected and unmatched moment in the world of medicine.

Food and Drug Administration

Collaboration with the FDA

In 2015, we began a partnership with the FDA to explore how patient-reported data can lead to new insights about drug safety. For the first time, the FDA is analyzing patient-generated health data to understand the real-world impact of taking medications over time, and to potentially identify benefits and risks earlier.


tedmed video

Elevating the patient voice at TEDMED

As PatientsLikeMe's Vice President for Advocacy, Policy and Patient Safety, Sally Okun brings the patient voice to health policy discussions at the national and global level. The first nurse to grace the TED stage, Sally spoke at TEDMED about the need to bridge the gap between the patients' lexicon and the overcomplicated language of the healthcare industry.

photo of group volunteering

We're on a mission, but we have fun, too

PatientsLikeMe takes culture — and coffee — seriously. From our annual Tough Mudder team to our coffee machine with 36 ways to get caffeinated (we counted), you could say we're an energetic bunch. And we stay fueled creatively, too, with endless opportunities to keep learning beyond our everyday jobs.

photo of journal club

Journal Club brings everyone together on Fridays for an informal presentation from a guest speaker — we've had everyone from Harvard PhDs to a four-star general.

photo of PLM worker doing toughmudder

Office hangouts - It's not unusual to want to stick around past 5 PM — karaoke night, happy hours, and a sweet smorgasbord for PI Day are just a few reasons.

photo of PLM worker volunteering

Volunteering opportunities - Sometimes — like helping out at Rosie's Place women's shelter — we take it outside the office for a good cause (and a good time).

photo of Jamie giving a speech

Our visionary leaders drive us closer to a future of better healthcare

At PatientsLikeMe, it takes unique skills, experience, and passion to meet the challenges of our mission — which is why we've got some of the best and brightest at the helm. Below, meet a few of the industry experts you'll get to work alongside.

photo of jaime

Jamie Heywood
Co-Founder and Chairman

"Our medical system could be better in so many ways and over the last decade my passion has been to find ways to both improve the way treatments are developed for disease and the way patients receive medical care."

photo of monique

Monique Levy
Senior VP, Head of Customer Strategy and Value Delivery

"I'm passionate about reducing randomness in care — especially when it comes to how decisions are made and how we take care of ourselves — by listening to patients and using the right technology."

photo of paul;

Paul Wicks
VP of Innovation

"I think what's really exciting is the scale we're operating under... [It's] unparalleled in power in the research world and that is what gets me up every morning."

photo of kim goodwin

Kim Goodwin
VP, Product & User Experience

"There are some questions we all have as patients that our doctors can't answer: What's it really like to live with this condition? How can I have good relationships, stay productive, or manage the costs of all this? I'm excited about helping patients answer those questions for each other."

photo of the skyline

We offer the best benefits in the heart of Cambridge's biotech center

Happy employees, prime location. Discover the sweet spot of working environments (you'll love the third-floor patio, too.)

photo of PLM workers playing ping pong

Generous benefits

Competitive salary, stock options, medical & dental, retirement, 20 days paid time off, 10 paid holidays, a great work-life balance, and more!


160 Second Street, Cambridge, MA

Located in Boston's life sciences hub, our office is easily accessible from both the Green and Red MBTA lines.


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Interested in getting into advocacy for your health condition community this year? Raising your voice to boost awareness about your condition or the reality of being a patient takes courage. Yet it’s pretty simple to get started with advocacy, so together with members of our Team of Advisors (a team of highly active members and […] The post Advocacy 101: See our new guide! appeared first on PatientsLikeMe. ...
December 1, 2018
Who needs another scarf or coffee mug? With the holiday shopping season upon us, PatientsLikeMe members are crowd-sourcing a list of handy products and tools that can actually help people living with pain, fatigue and other symptoms of chronic illness or aspects of aging. Check out the list below, for starters, and then join PatientsLikeMe or log in to […] The post Gift guide: Gadgets for people with health conditions appeared first on PatientsLikeMe. ...