Panorama Education

Panorama Education helps schools improve by acting on feedback from students, parents, teachers, and staff.

Panorama Education

109 Kingston St., 5th Fl
Boston, MA 02111

Company Overview

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Panorama Education is a YCombinator-backed (S13) data analytics company for K-12 education. We help school districts, charter networks, and state governments conduct surveys of students, parents, teachers, and staff. Our classroom surveys collect feedback about individual teachers, and our school surveys gather data about the school environment and administrators. We believe that stakeholder feedback is a powerful professional development tool, and we believe that stakeholder surveys--when done correctly--make educator evaluation systems more fair and more effective. 

At the heart of our work is the Panorama Platform, a flexible, highly-secure, easy-to-use, and low-cost technology platform we built for conducting surveys and analyzing data in the school environment. With Panorama, schools can administer surveys online and on paper. Panorama analyzes this data and presents teachers and administrators with clear and constructive feedback that they can use to improve their teaching and their schools.

We believe that data can meaningfully improve K-12 education.

We're a team of engineers, educators, and designers who are passionate about improving education. We come from many backgrounds—from teaching in the classroom to directing world-class software engineering teams—but we are continually fascinated by growing the value of data for schools. While we share the same vision for a world in which all students get the education they deserve, we also share passions for great food, the outdoors, the city of Boston, thought-provoking poems, and witty puns. We work hard for the communities we serve and enjoy spending time together while we do it.

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We explore together

We give ourselves space to consider the big problems while never losing sight of the details. Take a lap around our office and you’ll notice that we’ve never met an empty wall we haven't covered with ideas. And check out what happens when we have 24 hours straight to build new projects together.

We take culture seriously

We value and respect each other like it’s our job. This allows us to speak openly and honestly as a company, whether we’re discussing strategic goals or crafting the perfect playlist for team-wide karaoke.

We are deeply committed to our work, to our clients, and to each other. And when it’s time for the annual “Panorama Decathlon,” we are deeply committed to the competitive spirit that comes with heated Wikipedia races and Jenga battles. 


✓Work with schools
✓Daily Catered Lunch
✓401k Plan
✓MBTA & Hubway Pass
✓Flexible Vacation Policy
✓Full Health + Dental Coverage
✓Gym Membership
Jacob Evelyn
Software Engineer

I love working at Panorama Education because... I get to see the human side of engineering work. We're solving hard technical problems, but not to show more ads to people who don't want them—we're solving hard problems to make people's lives better. Period. Getting to talk to educators and see the impact of the work we do is what gets me excited for work every single day.

Sarah Robinson
Product Manager

I love working at Panorama Education because... we truly lead with our mission. When we consider a new feature for a product, we do not ask, "Will this lead more people to buy our product?" We ask, "Will this help educators improve students' outcomes?"

Stephen Eckenrode
Software Engineer

I love working at Panorama Education because... I get to help build products that really make a difference in the schools we work with.  It’s really cool to be able to come to work, solve hard problems, and see the effect we have at the end of the day.

Mitch Peabody
Lead Software Engineer

I love working at Panorama Education because... the engineering culture is thoughtfully deliberate about delivering high quality products that meaningfully impact the lives of students.






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